Disney+ presents preview of its new original series 'La suerte', starring Óscar Jaenada and Ricardo Gómez

  • “La Suerte” (“Luck”) is the first series directed by filmmaker Paco Plaza (Verónica, REC), who created this comedy about a unique friendship set in the world of bullfighting together with his friend and fellow director Pablo Guerrero (Alba).


  • “La Suerte” will be available soon exclusively on Disney+ 

Disney+ presents a preview of its original series “La Suerte,” a comedy directed by Paco Plaza (Veronica and REC) and Pablo Guerrero (Alba, Between Lands) and starring two of Spanish cinema’s most renowned actors: Óscar Jaenada (Goya Award for Best Actor for Camarón, Platinum Award for Best Actor for Cantinflas, Best Supporting Actor Award at the Malaga Film Festival for Todos estamos invitados) and Ricardo Gómez (nominated for a Goya Award for Best New Actor for 1898: Our Last Men in the Philippines; nominated for a Feroz Award for Best Actor for El sustituto; nominated for a Feroz Award for Best Supporting Actor for La Ruta, winner of the Ondas Award for Best Series and Feroz Award for Best Drama Series; Cuéntame cómo pasó).

In “La Suerte,” a shy cab driver named David (Ricardo Gómez) unwittingly becomes a private chauffer for a famous bullfighting Maestro (Óscar Jaenada) who comes out of retirement to try to regain his lost prestige. The Maestro seems to have lost his touch, and David brings him luck.  Or so he says.

The directors behind this six-episode Disney+ series, produced in collaboration with Boomerang TV, are Paco Plaza, in his debut directing a TV series, and Pablo Guerrero. According to the directors, “‘La Suerte’ is the story of a friendship. Or rather, two friendships. The friendship between the series’ two main characters, David and the Maestro, forged after a random encounter that ultimately proves crucial in both their lives. And our own friendship. Which is the story of two kids who met in class at the ECAM film school and, after 30 years of frienship, were offered a chance to work together on ‘La Suerte.’ That same luck led us to experience an extraordinary situation, much as our characters did: a party celebrated at a bullfighter’s hotel suite one night. Discovering this situation that was so far-removed from our own reality gave us a glimpse of the private lives of these characters who lead such extraordinary lives within a close-knit world that has its own codes and yet is concurrent with our own world. The story of David and the Maestro came out of that night, that culture shock. May God bring us LUCK.”

According to Sofía Fábregas, Vice President of Original Production for Disney+ Spain: “‘La Suerte’ is a very special project for Disney+. First of all, because its an unprecedented opportunity to bring two outstanding creators such as Paco Plaza and Pablo Guerrero together in the same space with such extraordinary actors as Óscar Jaenada and Ricardo Gómez. The series also holds the key to a universe that is all its own: a deep, funny, and exciting reflection on the things that drive us apart, but, above all, on the fate that we all share.”

Paco Plaza gained notoriety in the Spanish and international film world thanks to the horror saga REC. More recently, he was nominated for both a Goya and a Feroz Award in the Best Director and Best Screenplay categories for his film Verónica. In 2022, Plaza premiered the prequel to this story, Sister Death. Meanwhile, Pablo Guerrero has had a long career in television as one producer and director of some of the longest-running and best-known series in Spain and abroad, including Old Bridge Secret, A Different View, Alba, Between Lands, and A Normal Family.

The cast of “La Suerte” also features Carlos Bernardino (Prison 77), Óscar Higares (Wrong Side of the Tracks), Pedro Bachura (Riot Police, Venus), Jason Fernández (Strange Way of Life), Óscar Reyes (Aída, Two Many Chefs), Almudena Amor (nominated for Best New Actress at the Goya Awards for The Good Boss), Almudena Cid (Old Bridge Secret), Diana Peñalver (Cristo Rey), Aria Bedmar (Sister Death), and Manuel Morón (The Wait, Crematorium), among others.

Paco Plaza and Pablo Guerrero are the creators behind the original concept for this light-hearted, offbeat comedy written by Diana Rojo and Borja González Santaolalla. Cinematographer Pablo Rosso, one of Plaza’s regular collaborators, was in charge of giving each episode its own visual identity and was also responsible for image treatment in every episode of this 16-mm road movie. The series was shot all over Spain, with the cast and crew traveling over 6,000 kilometers over land. The team worked at over 59 locations and in the vicinity of several bullrings throughout Spain, including  La Caprichosa (Talavera), Las Ventas (Madrid), La Misericordia (Zaragoza), and La Malagueta (Málaga), among others.