About us

Boomerang TV is one of the leading audiovisual production companies in Spain and has been part of the French group Mediawan—one of the most important production studios in Europe—since November 2020.


Boomerang TV produces TV fiction and entertainment programs and digital content, and its greatest asset is its team of outstanding media professionals and creative talent.

The fiction division has created and produced hit scripted series such as “Alba,” “A Normal Family,” “Entre tierras,” “La Moderna,” “Inés of My Soul,” “La Templanza,” “A Different View,” “If Only,” “Plastic Sea,” “The Time In Between,” “Physics or Chemistry,” “Old Bridge Secret,” and “How to Screw It All Up,” among many others. 


In its 25-year history, Boomerang TV has produced a over a hundred shows in every entertainment genre. The company is also widely recognized for its adaptations of major international formats like “The Voice”, “The Voice Kids”, “Peking Express”, and “Top Chef”, among others. 


To leverage our know-how and production management experience and our huge team of talented professionals, with have also created a Production Services subsidiary. We offer these services through Mediawan Service España, which caters to national networks, small production companies, and international productions that want to shoot in our country. We have also done production design on “original” programming for various streaming platforms. 


Executive Comité

  • Jorge Pezzi


  • Encarna Pardo

    Executive Director Entertainment

  • Tedy Villalba

    Executive Director Mediawan Services Spain

  • Luis Santamaría

    Executive Director Fiction

  • Boris Droulers

    Director Corporativo

  • Pedro Tendero

    Legal Director

  • Roberto Martín

    Financial Director

  • Francisco Fernández

    Human Resources Director

  • Rosaura Díez

    Communication Director

  • Juan Luis Garriga

    General Services Director