Luisa Carnés visits the Tea Rooms in 'La Moderna'

The plot of this afternoon’s episode of “La Moderna” is dedicated to Luisa Carnés, author of the novel on which the series is based,  “Tea Rooms.” Luisa Carnés visits the tea room with her mother to attend a photo exhibition put on by Laurita’s friend Celia.  

The actress Anne Cortés will play writer Luisa Carnés who is accompanied by her mother —played by the author’s real-life granddaughter Paloma Puyol. 

The owner of the tea room, Don Fermín, and the photographer, Celia, greet Luisa Carnés enthusiastically. The author’s visit causes a huge commotion in the tea parlor, as Carnés is one of the most prominent writers of the Generation of 1927 and was a highly influential woman at the time. Carnés stood out in society thanks to her innovative spirit and the powerful storytelling.