‘La Moderna’ opens the RTVE Showcase

RTVE’s acting president, Concepción Cascajosa, has officially opend the fifth edition of the RTVE Showcase, which will take place from May 8 through May 10. Hosted by journalist Elena S. Sánchez, the event will welcome actors and content producers and directors as well as television executives from over 30 different countries hoping to discover the Corporation’s latest content.

In this year’s edition, the first panel —dedicated to daily dramas— was opened by “La Moderna”, produced by Boomerang TV.  The presentation featured the series’ director and executive producer Humberto Miró, along with three of its leading cast members: Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, and Stéphanie Magnin. Also present were RTVE’s Fernando López Puig and Bárbara Castellanos, Deputy Director of Fiction at Boomerang TV. 

Set in 1930’s Madrid, 'La Moderna' tells the story of a group of women who work at one of the city’s most distinguished tea parlors. The speakers shared some interesting facts about this adaptation of Luisa Carnés’s novel and talked about the workflow and the key role played by daily drama as a driving force for the Spanish audiovisual industry. They also recognized the Boomerang TV team’s creative talent and solid track record, having produced over 4,000 episodes of daily dramas.