Álvaro Soler, Judeline, el Kanka y Mau & Ricky join ‘The Voice Kids’ during the Battles and the Knockouts

“The Voice Kids”, produced by Boomerang TV for Antena 3, is about to embark on a new phase in which the assistant coaches will join the show and excitement is guaranteed.  During the Battles, the coaches will have four major artists assisting them. Álvaro Soler will be David Bisbal’s assistant, Judeline will assist Lola Índigo, El Kanka will help Rosario, and Mau & Ricky will work with Melendi.

The Battles, the must-see gala event for fans of “The Voice Kids”, will start Saturday at 10 p.m. The show hosted by Eva González will experience one of its most exciting nights as each team competes with 16 talents. During the Battles, the coaches will put together four teams of four talents each and select two candidates after each of the battles.

After this exciting gala event, comes the next phase: the Knockout Rounds. The coaches will reach this stage with eight talents on their teams, and each contestant will sing the same song they sang in the Blind Auditions. Of these eight singers, only two will be chosen to go directly to the Semi Finals. But, for the first time on “The Voice Kids”, the coaches will have to send three of their talents to the Danger Zone, thus offering them a second chance to reach the Semi Finals on “The Voice Kids”. They will confront each other once again in the Knockout Rounds. 

But there’s even more excitement in store, as the coaches will have to stay on their toes and take note of who their colleagues are choosing, because they’ll also have a chance to steal (one contestant per team). Talents who are stolen will go directly to the Live Shows phase with their new team. 

Once the team has three artists  in the Danger Zone, the artists will get to perform in the Knockout Rounds again to fight for a spot in the Semi Finals on “The Voice Kids”.