La 1 Premieres “Inés of My Soul”
La 1 Premieres “Inés of My Soul”
La 1 Premieres “Inés of My Soul”
La 1 Premieres “Inés of My Soul”


La 1 Premieres “Inés of My Soul”

  • International co-production between RTVE, Boomerang TV, and Chilevisión shot in impressive natural settings in Spain, Peru, and Chile
  • Based on the novel by the same name by Isabel Allende: "A faithful portrayal of the story of this extraordinary woman: Inés Suárez"
  • Starring Elena Rivera, Eduardo Noriega, and Benjamín Vicuña
  • Rounding off the cast are Francesc Orella, Carlos Bardem, Enrique Arce, Ismael Martínez, Antonia Giesen, and Federico Aguado, among others
  • Premiere:  Wednesday, October 7, 10:35 p.m. on La 1

The adaptation of Isabel Allende's hit novel “Inés of My Soul,” which has translated into over 30 languages, will premiere on La 1 on Wednesday, October 7. This ambitious international co-production between RTVE, Boomerang TV, and Chilevisión, starring Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega, tells the story of Inés Suárez, a daring young woman from Extremadura who sets sail for the New World in search of her husband. In the Indies, Inés discovers the love of her life, the famous Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia.

The famous Chilean author has been involved in this project, initiated by Conecta Fiction, from the beginning and has closely followed the adaptation process. The author declared: “I'm tremendously impressed, not just with the actors, especially Inés and Peter, who are both endearing, but also with the incredible production and the way they managed to reproduce the odyssey of the conquest of Peru, Chile, and Spain.”

"I really liked the series: it's true to the story, not just the story I wrote, but also the true story of this extraordinary woman, Inés Suárez, Pedro de Valdivia's partner," Allende added. Inés was the only Spanish woman who participated in the conquest of Chile in 1541. She is a woman I have always admired for her courage and generosity, and she has been forgotten by History. Now, this series is presenting her to today's world with all her values and complexity," she concluded.

This ambitious co-production reproduces the journey these historical characters embarked upon and was shot in carefully selected locations in natural settings in Chile, Peru, and Spain, where the team spent over four months shooting.

The shoot, which involved over 2,500 extras and relied on a top-class multicultural crew of over 350 people, started in Spanish locations in Cáceres, Trujillo, and La Calahorra. Production then moved on to the impressive Peruvian enclaves of Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, and Pisak before finishing in Chile, in the spectacular landscapes of the Atacama Desert, Araucania, Valdivia, and Santiago de Chile, where the crew constructed a citadel covering over 5,000 m2 on the Carén Lagoon to represent the city’s origin.

An Exceptional Cast and Prestigious Crew

The series has an exceptional cast headed by Elena Rivera, Eduardo Noriega, and Benjamín Vicuña and also featuring  Carlos Bardem, Francesc Orella, Enrique Arce, Daniela Ramírez, Antonia Giesen, Carlos Serrano, Ismael Martínez, Juan Fernández, Mauricio Paniagua, Andrea Trepat, Nicolás Zárate, Patricia Cuyul, Rafael de la Reguera, Elvis Fuentes, Francisco Ossa, Gastón Salgado, and Pedro Fontaine.

The project was led by Jorge Redondo, Executive Producer for the series, with a script written by Paco Mateo, winner of SGAE’s Julio Alejandro Award. It was directed by award-winning director Alejandro Bazzano and famous Chilean director Nicolás Acuña.

Koldo Vallés was in charge of art direction together with Bernardita Baeza, the Director of Photography was Felipe Alba. Loles Galeán designed the costumes, and the original score was created by the Goya winner Julio de la Rosa.

Introducing “Inés of My Soul”

Throughout its eight fascinating episodes, the series tells the story of Inés Suárez, a courageous young woman from Extremadura who embarks on a journey to the New World in search of her husband—who has disappeared on the other side of the Atlantic—and looking for a life of adventure, something unheard of for a woman of her time.

In the Indies, Inés discovers the love of her life, the famous Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia.  Together, the two live out an unforgettable romance as they embark upon an adventure during which they become the key players in the birth of a nation.  Inés' adventures alongside her beloved Pedro de Valdivia lead her to explore the most remote and unknown areas of Chile.   There, she fights fierce battles against the wild Mapuche "Indians" and comes face to face with the avarice of the conquistadors and their insatiable thirst for gold and riches.  Inés' life-changing journey takes us back in time and space from historic 16th-century Plasencia to the colorful Peru of Pizarro's Viceroyalty, through the wild jungles of Panama and the desolate beauty of the Atacama Desert, in Chile.

Fact Sheet

Adaptation of Isabel Allende’s Novel “Inés of My Soul”

Executive Production, RTVE María Roy

Executive Producer, Boomerang TV Jorge Redondo

Executive Producer, CHV Consuelo Silva Dagorret

Directors Alejandro Bazzano and Nicolás Acuña

Screenplay Paco Mateo

Line Producer Mª Ángeles Caballero Brid

Art Directors Koldo Vallés and Bernardita Baeza

Directors of Photography Felipe Alba

Costume Designer Loles Galeán

Heads of Makeup Margarita Marchi and Mariló Osuna

Sound Edi Osso-Raimondo and Soledad Andrade

Editing Fernando Guarinielo and Sebastián Dubé

Original Music Julio de la Rosa

Cast List

INÉS SUÁREZ (Elena Rivera)

PEDRO DE VALDIVIA (Eduardo Noriega)

RODRIGO DE QUIROGA (Benjamín Vicuña)


HERNANDO PIZARRO (Federico Aguado)

SANCHO DE LA HOZ (Enrique Arce)

DIEGO DE ALMAGRO (Carlos Bardem)


JUAN DE MÁLAGA (Carlos Serrano)

DON ALONSO (Juan Fernández)

ASUNCIÓN (Andrea Trepat)

CECILIA (Antonia Giesen)


MONROY (Rafael de la Reguera)

DON BENITO (Francisco Ossa)

GÓMEZ (Pedro Fontaine)


MICHIMALONCO (Gastón Salgado)

CATALINA (Patricia Cuyul)

MARMOLEJO (Elvis Fuentes)

LAUTARO (Mauricio Paniagua)


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