the digital business unit of Boomerang TV

BTV Media is the digital division of Boomerang TV. It is focused on the creation and production of innovative content for digital media, both for audiovisual media and podcasts. It is also working to establish synergies between the television universe and the digital universe, while strengthening the development and management of multi-platform and transmedia content.

Its noteworthy transmedia projects include those created for the "Plastic sea" series, or the “Presumed guilty" series, in audiovisual format, and the #Maitino podcast for "Acacias 38". And, in the area of Entertainment, the “The Comeback” format for “The Voice”.

BTVMedia seeks to offer a complete solution for advertisers in terms of developing branded content and publicity actions in the digital medium. It has worked with more than 100 advertisers, including major brands such as CocaCola, Catalana Occidente, Santander Bank, Carrefour, Samsung, BBVA and Bandai, among others. 

In addition, BTVMedia has undertaken fiction and entertainment productions for platforms such as Flooxer and PLayZ. Its recent successes include “Terror.app” and “An unforgettable New Year’s Eve”, which won the silver Lovie Award for the best use of Instagram stories.

This division of Boomerang TV also specializes in the creation and production of podcasts and audio fiction. After the success of the “Maitino” podcast, an audio series about the Parisian life of the popular couple, Maite and Camino, from “Acacias 38”, it is currently developing noteworthy projects for audio platforms

BTVMedia’s activity is focused on:

Audiovisual production: Creation, development and production of original content for Boomerang TV production platforms, brands and transmedia, and recording and broadcasting streaming events such as conversations, concerts, etc.

Product placement in Boomerang TV series: Creation and management of projects for the integration and association of brands in audiovisual content for television.

Podcasts: Creation and production of podcasts, both for fiction and informative topics.


BTV Media

JOSÉ LEYVA Director of TV Media & Business

ANTONIO OLTRA Director of the Special Solutions and Digital Division

EDUARDO PIQUERAS Director of Digital Production