Mar de plástico


S1: 13 x 70´

S2: 13 x 70´



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Campoamargo, a fictional village on the coast of Almería whose economy is based on greenhouse agriculture, is the setting for this detective thriller. The village is home to African migrant workers, local farmers, Russian women who've become the farmers’ second wives, gypsies, local youths… But the strange circumstances behind Ainhoa's murder cause a great commotion that exacerbates existing differences among the village's inhabitants. Anyone could be the murderer. 

Finding out who murdered the mayor’s daughter and trying to decipher the motives that led to the crime will become Héctor's main concern. The Sergeant in the Civil Guard’s Judicial Police Department is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He's new in town and has to launch a thorough investigation in order to get to the bottom of the tragic event.



  • Production: Boomerang TV and Atresmedia


  • Directors:  Norberto López Amado, Alejandro Bazzano, Javier Quintas y Miguel Ángel Vivas


  • Original idea: Juan Carlos Cueto y Rocío Martínez 


  • Script: Juan Carlos Cueto, Rocío Martínez Llano, Pablo Tébar, Alberto Manzano, Fernando Sancristóbal Zurita, Juan Carlos Blázquez, Almudena Ocaña y Verónica Fernández Marzá.


  • Cast:  Rodolfo Sancho, Belén López, Pedro Casablanc, Jesus Castro, Patrick Criado, Luis Fernandez, Nya de la Rubia, Fernando Cayo, Will Shephard, Yaima Ramos, Andrea de Río, Federico Aguado, Eva Martín, Jesus Carroza, Máximo Pastor y Lisi Linder entre otros.