Love Island


Dating show

2021 at Neox


ITV Studios y Motion Content Group

Cristina Pedroche

Produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia Televisión and based on the original format by ITV Studios and Motion Content Group, "Love Island" arrives on Neox, the leading thematic channel for young people and Commercial Target, with the broadcasting of five programmes a week, and through ATRESplayer PREMIUM, as it will have exclusive content and a new weekly programme. The show can also be seen on Antena 3 International outside Spain.

In "Love Island", single contestants will be looking for love. The islanders will also face games, surprises and challenges while living in isolation from the outside world in a spectacular luxury villa by the sea. The young contestants will have only one requirement for not being eliminated: they must always be paired up.

In addition, viewers will enjoy an almost live broadcast: everything that happens in the villa will be shown the following day on the programme on Neox and ATRESplayer PREMIUM.

Added to all, this will be the most important role and power of the audience's votes in each broadcast, through the official "Love Island" app, and the economic prize for which the islanders will fight for in pairs, which will be the objective of the final stretch and outcome of this new and eagerly awaited reality-dating show.

"Love Island", is well known around the world for its international success This format has made the biggest noise in television markets in recent years and has swept the board in the countries where it has been adapted.