Los protegidos: A.D.N


6 x 50´

Family drama



“A Normal Family: D.N.A” is an Atresmedia series produced by Boomerang TV together with Buendía Estudios.

The cast of the hit series “A Normal Family”, which features Antonio Garrido, Ana Fernández, Luis Fernández, Mario Marzo, Daniel Avilés, Gracia Olayo, Óscar Ladoire, Maripaz Sagayo, Maggie García, Carlotta Cosials, Cosette Silguero, and Javier Mendo will continue in this new edition of “A Normal Family: DNA”.

The new installment will also welcome back Marta Torné, Esmeralda Moya, and Raúl Mérida, who will resume playing the characters they first brought to life in the classic “A Normal Family” as the main additions to the plot.

Marta Torné plays Julia, an old love of Mario's. Esmeralda Moya plays Claudia Ruano, Rosa and Antonio's daughter. Raúl Mérida plays Leo, a classmate of Sandra and Culebra's during their teenage years.

Montse García, Sonia Martínez, Jorge Redondo, and Carlos García Miranda are the series’ executive producers, working alongside screenwriters Carlos García Miranda and Luis Gamboa and directors Pablo Guerrero and Daniel Romero. Teddy Villalba and Pepe Ripoll are in charge of production management.

“A Normal Family: DNA” opens with Sandra and Culebra’s wedding. This celebration is one of the most long-awaited events for loyal fans of the hit series and will serve to reunite the family.

On their big day, the characters played by Ana Fernández and Luis Fernández, are missing just one guest: Rosa Ruano (Gracia Olayo). Following the celebration, the Castillos decide to set a risky plan in motion to find her.

Their search leads them to an unexpected place… After breaking into the geolocation control room at the police station, the Castillos discover that Rosa’s cell phone was last detected in the middle of a remote forest.

The Castillos ventures into the lush, dark forest to find the cell phone. Only Mario and Dora, the Grandpa and granddaughter, stay in the car safe from potential danger. In the forest, the rest of the family find an imposing building right where the cell phone should be. Meanwhile, back in the car, Dora tells Mario that, thanks to her special powers, she senses there is something lurking a few meters away from them.

The rest of the Castillos split up in order to find Rosa. But they are soon confused by what they see inside the building: a logo with the initials “DNA” repeated throughout the halls, which are full of classrooms where young people with powers are taking classes...


  • Production: Boomerang TV junto a Buendía Estudios y Atresmedia


  • Director: Pablo Guerrero y Daniel Romero


  • Script: Carlos García Miranda, Ruth García, Darío Madrona y Luis Gamboa


  • Cast: Ana Fernandez, Luis Fernandez, Mario Marzo, Antonio Garrido, Daniel Avilés, Maggie García, Cosette Silguero, Gracia Olayo