Los nuestros


3 X 70´





Alberto Sánchez, the charismatic leader of the Spanish Army’s Special Operation Forces Unit, and Isabel Santana, an expert SOF sharpshooter, have just ended a passionate romance and have now been assigned to a new and very dangerous mission together: a lightning-fast operation in Western Africa to evacuate non-combatants. They and their unit will join a special operation organized by the Green Berets, the toughest, most hardened and best disciplined unit in the Army, with the mission of venturing into Mali in order to find and save two fellow citizens, two Spanish children who are being held hostage. Their captors are not common criminals, they are  jihadist terrorists.

The special operation unit organized by the Spanish government is composed of 12 men and one woman who urgently travel to the International Military Base in Mali in order to track down the kidnappers who have disappeared into the dangerous desert region of the Sahel in the southern Sahara. The unit’s capacity to work as a team against the clock and under harsh conditions is key in this operation, where the slightest error could mean death for both the children and the soldiers.


  • Production: Boomerang TV and Mediaset 


  • Director: Salvador Calvo


  • Script: Juan Carlos Cueto, Rocío Martínez, Alberto Manzano and Pablo Tébar


  • Creator: Juan Carlos Cueto


  • Cast: Hugo Silva, Blanca Suárez, Rodolfo Sancho, Paula Echevarría, Aida Folch, Antonio Velazquez, Alvaro Cervantes, Michelle Calvó, Luis Fernandez, Laia Marull, Tristan Ulloa, Daniel Grao, Pedro Casablanc, Andros Perugorria, Sergio Torrico, Eduardo Lloveras, Gorka Lasaosa, Maria Salas.