How to screw it all up


6 x 20´




Is a series created by Jaime Olías and Pablo Sanhermelando. Written and directed by Jaime Olías. Produced by Boomerang TV for HBO Max. The executive producers for Boomerang TV are Pablo Sanhermelando and Valentina Francelet. On behalf of HBO Max, the executive producers are Miguel Salvat and Patricia Nieto.

Alba is a young woman who has a hard time fitting in and has only just recently arrived at her high school. She is given terrible news: the school’s trip at the end of the school year has been cancelled. Her plans to run away from home are ruined, but she’s fortunate enough to find out that some of her classmates have the perfect plan: they’re going to convince their parents that the trip is still on. They decide to steal a van from one of the kids’ brother and hit the road for three weeks. The plan? Not having a plan, wandering around aimlessly, improvising. They just need to follow a few rules: they cannot publish anything on social networks, they have to be constantly on the move, and they cannot turn around.

The cast of “How to Screw It All Up” is headed by  Naira Lleó (Mamá o Papá), Malva Vela (El reino), Gabriel Guevara (Skam), Óscar Ortuño (30 monedas), Nadia Al Saidi (La caza Tramuntana), and Sergi Méndez (Sky Rojo).


  • Production: Boomerang TV y HBO Max


  • Directors: Jaime Olías (creador) y Pablo Sanhermelando


  • Script: Jaime Olías y Pablo Sanhermelando


  • Cast: Naira Lleó, Malva Vela, Gabriel Guevara, Oscar Ortuño, Nadia Al Saidi y Sergi Méndez