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T1: 7 x 70´

T2: 14 x 70´

T3: 11 x 70´

T4: 14 x 70´

T5: 9 x 70´

T6: 14 x 70´

T7: 7 x 70´


Dramedia familiar 


Atresplayer, HBOMax, Amazon Prime Video y Netflix

The series deals with the world of teaching as seen through the eyes of a group of young, novice teachers, recently arrived at a secondary school. The arrival of these young teachers will unveil a whole universe of conflicts of a group of teenagers and the people around them.

They, our protagonist teachers, are young, enthusiastic, insecure and immature. They still don't have many things clear in their lives and yet they have to serve as a guide to teenagers. How? The best way to learn is... when it's time to teach.

The fiction, which is currently available on streaming on various platforms, has had a great international tour. Telemundo has made the adaptation for the US Spanish-speaking audience under the title “Relaciones Peligrosas” and the original series was sold to numerous territories.



  • Production: Boomerang TV and Atresmedia


  • Direction: Javier Quintas, Juanma R.Pachón, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros, Luis Santamaría, Alejandro Bazzano, Iñaki Mercero y Alexandra Graf



  • Script: Carlos Montero, Jaime Vaca, Carlos Ruano, Félix J. Velando, Alberto Manzano, Mario Parra, María López Castaño, Susana López Rubio, José Luis V. Baringo, Mikel Alvariño, Jessica Pires y Sara Vicente


  • Creator: Carlos Montero


  • Cast: Ana Milán, Úrsula Corberó, Andrea Duro, Javier Calvo, Angy Fernández, Maxi Iglesias, Nuria Gonzalez, Gonzalo Ramos, Adam Jezierski, Blanca Romero, Leonor Martin, Andrés Cheung, Karim El Kerem, Joaquín Climent, Xavi Mira, Bart Santana y Cecilia Freire, entre otros.




Premio Ondas 2009 a la Mejor Serie