El incidente


T1: 5 x 70´



Atresplayer, Prime Video y Disney+

The daily life of the inhabitants of a small mountain village will be altered by a strange event that will change their lives forever. From that moment on, nothing will ever be the same as before. These unusual episodes, far from having an end, will increase until they lead to a great mystery. 

In order to put an end to this chain of events, a group of people will get involved in an investigation that will try to unravel the origin of what has disrupted their routine and endanger their lives. Their relationships, their perception of reality and even their beliefs will be put to the test after this mysterious incident.


  • Production: Boomerang TV and Atresmedia


  • Direction: Norberto López Amado, Iñaki Peñafiel y Alberto Ruiz Rojo


  • Creator: Ruth García


  • Script: David Barrocal, Ruth García, David Oliva, Carlos Vila y Adolfo Puerta


  • Cast:  Marta Etura, Miquel Fernández, Diego Martin, Pepa Aniorte, Barbara Lennie, Jordi Coll, Raquel Aragón, Macarena Sanz, Juan Dávila, Dafnis Balduz, Ramon Aguirre, Alicia Sanchez, María Garralón, y Joaquín Notario, entre otros.