2020 at LaSexta

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Lujan Argüelles

"Divided" is a contest hosted by Luján Argüelles and produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia Televisión.  The show will consist of 8 installments, with two episodes airing back-to-back on Tuesday nights. In each installment, one of the teams will vie to win a cash prize of up to €80,000.

“Divided” is much more than a quiz show contest.  Four contestants who have never met each other before will have to collaborate to respond unanimously. And they’ll have to do this in a race against time because the money at stake for each question will decrease with every second they take to decide. That is why, in "Divided," speed, conciseness, and, above all, compromise are crucial.

The hit contest format from the ITV Studios catalog has generated a lot of buzz lately on the international market because of the way it puts contestants in a situation that is utterly different from anything we might expect. So far, international versions of this ITV contest have been produced in twelve countries, including Holland (original version), the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Thailand.