Benidorm Fest




La 1 and RTVE Play

2022 Alaska, Máximo Huerta, Inés Hernand

2023 Inés Hernand, Mónica Naranjo y Rodrigo Vázquez

2024 Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Calderó y Ana Prada

Since 2022, Boomerang TV has produced the galas of the Benidorm Fest, a contest organized by RTVE in which the representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest is chosen. 

The Benidorm Fest is a song festival with a long tradition in Spain. In 2022, RTVE revitalized the contest and, since then, it has achieved a great repercussion. Boomerang TV produces the two semi-finals and the final in which eighteen candidates - whether soloists, duos, trios or groups - perform their songs live. Afterwards, the public (composed by the televote and a panel of judges formed by a sample of the Spanish population selected by statistical and demoscopic rules) and a national and international jury proceed to vote 50% for the songs that in their opinion are the best.