Acacias 38


1483 x 50´




RTVE Play and international channels

“Acacias 38”, is the address of the stately building where its stories unfold, it is a daily ensemble series set in 1899, that recounts the events and all sorts of situations that arise in the bourgeois apartment building at the turn of the 19th century and in the surrounding neighborhood.

An original idea by Susana López Rubio, Aurora Guerra, Miquel Peidró and Josep Cister, that is also airing in Italy, where it has received a warm welcome from audiences. It is a warm and intimate fiction in which the main protagonists are universal feelings: love, jealousy, passion, revenge and hatred.


  • Production: Boomerang TV y RTVE


  • Directors: Humberto Miró, Rubén Torrejón, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros, Isaac Cantero, Javier Pulido, Maria Pulido, Carlota Martínez – Pereda, David Ulloa, Carlos Navarro y Luis Santamaría.


  • Script: Susana López Rubio, Josep Cister, Aurora Guerra y Miquel Peidró (Idea original) Ada Hernández, Adolfo Puerta, Juan Vicente Pozuelo, Ernesto Pozuelo, Jorge Díaz, Ruth García, Joaquín Santamaría, Carmen Llano, Clara Pérez Escrivá y Jorge Juan Martínez.


  • Cast: Sheyla Fariña, Roger Berruezo, Marc Parejo, Sara Miquel, Sandra Marchena, Anita del Rey, Juanma Navas, Alba Brunet, Carlos Serrano – Clark, Cristina Abad, Montse Alcoverro, Miguel Diosdado, Maria Tasende, Alejandra Meco, David V. Muro, María Gracia, Inés Aldea, Mónica Portillo, y Gonzalo Trujillo, entre otros.