“The Voice Kids” Semifinal Is Here

Starting at 10 p.m. Saturday, Antena 3 will celebrate the semifinal of "The Voice Kids," the show produced by Boomerang TV. 

“The Voice Kids” is entering its final stage. The semifinal is a chock-full gala event of memorable moments, special guests, and loads of excitement as the coaches demonstrate how well they work together in harmony. 

After the Knockouts, the teams —led by Melendi, Lola Índigo, Rosario, and David Bisbal— will show up with their four semifinalists, of which only two will go on to become finalists on “The Voice Kids.”


Lola Índigo’s team is made up of Astrid, Rafael, Alicia, and Aitana. 

Melendi’s team comprises Martina, Vera, Marc, and Inés, the talent he stole from David Bisbal's team.

Rosario’s team comprises Juan Francisco, Rafael, Estefanía, and a steal from Melendi's team, Nadia. 

David Bisbal’s team comprises Paula, Alira, Dayana, and Mario, whom David stole from Lola Índigo.

The evening will open with a performance by Álvaro de Luna singing “Todo contigo” accompanied by David Bisbal and Rosario’s semifinalists. Then, each talent on these two teams will offer a solo performance. 

Following that, we'll enjoy another performance with Leo Rizzi and Melendi and Lola Índigo's semifinalists singing "No siempre quedará París," followed by individual performances by each of the young talents on these two teams.