Telecinco y Boomerang TV kick off production on “El diario de Jorge", the new format for the channel’s afternoon time slot hosted by Jorge Javier Vázquez

On this new show, which is slated to premiere on the network this summer, anonymous participants will share remarkable, surprising, exciting, and entertaining stories, and send a message to a very special person.

“El diario de Jorge” will star anonymous individuals with remarkable and surprising stories to tell; stories that are exciting or entertaining, endearing, and humorous and shine a spotlight on various social issues. They will also send a special someone a message. Jorge Javier Vázquez will host the new format for Telecinco’s afternoon slot, which will air live Monday through Friday starting this summer.

Produced by Boomerang TV, “El diario de Jorge” has kicked off production, providing various forms of contact so that anyone interested in telling their own story on the show can register on the show’s website.

With his complicity, empathy, and warmth, Jorge Javier Vázquez will help the stars of “El diario de Jorge” share their experiences and insights.