Wedding bells are ringing in 'La Moderna' first season finale

  • This Thursday, Matilde and Iñigo will celebrate their long-awaited wedding in an episode that will leave viewers breathless.


  • The second season will start on Friday, with new story lines and new characters played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Begoña Maestre, and Álex Adrover


  • Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m., on La 1 and RTVE Play


This Thursday, March 14, viewers of La 1’s daily drama are invited to Matilde and Íñigo’s wedding on “La Moderna”. The episode featuring the two protagonists’ long-awaited wedding is the last episode of the first season. Some of the story lines find closure during this thrilling and compelling season finale, which also features Rosario (played by Miryam Gallego), who comes back to attend her daughter’s wedding. 

The daily drama produced by RTVE and Mediawan in collaboration with Boomerang TV will open the second season with some major novelties, as new characters arrive and set off exciting new story lines. 

Episode 120: End of Season

Matilde makes her dream of marrying her beloved Iñigo come true. After all the ups and downs in their relationship, the two have set the date to make this commitment. The big event lures Rosario (Miryam Gallego), who has been taking care of her mother, to come back in order to attend her daughter’s wedding. 

Matilde’s family and the tea room’s staff don their finest clothes to attend the wedding, where the pastry chef Pietro serves as the best man. But, Doña Carla refuses to stand idly by and watch the wedding take place. She and her mother do everything in their power to intervene and stop the ceremony. While the guests wait for the bride to arrive, a mysterious photographer appears in the church, generating apprehension. 

Second Season: New Features

After the shocking season finale, the new episodes of “La Moderna” will premiere starting Friday, March 15, and feature major novelties. Day-to-day life at the Morcuende shopping mall is disrupted when new characters arrive and set off exciting new story lines.

The implacable Cesar Morel, played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz, is now running the Madrid Cabaret and comes into Inés’ life. And Mario, played by Álex Adrover, arrives to take over the jukebox shop and reconnects with an old flame from the past. There will also be a few changes in the tea room itself, including a new sales clerk: Doña Lázara (Begoña Maestre), who arrives determined to become the tea room’s manager. 

This second season will also feature major reunions. Carla’s mother, played by Eva Pedraza, and Fabio Del Moral (Manuel Bandera) are back in the series as regular characters to help Carla reach her goals.

These new protagonists will gradually appear over the next few days and join the cast headed by Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, Stéphanie Magnin, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Berta Galo, and Llorenç González, among others. Moreover, the story lines will continue to expand with characters played by Carlos Serrano-Clark, Alba Gutiérrez, and Eduardo Velasco, who have recently joined the series.

“La Moderna”, winner of the FICAL Award for Best Daily Series at the Almería Film Festival, is based on the 1934 novel “Tea Rooms”, one of the best-known works by Luisa Carnés, one of the great writers of the Generation of 1927.