Rocío Velayos, María Bernardeau, Biel Antón, Kiko Bena y Miguel Fernández, star in ‘FoQ. La Nueva Generación’

The legendary Zurbarán High School is about to reopen with “FoQ. La Nueva Generación” (“Physics or Chemistry: The New Generation”), which is slated to start shooting soon. In keeping with Atresplayer’s firm commitment to Spanish fiction, the series will be made available exclusively on the Atresmedia platform over the next few months.

Actors Rocío Velayos, María Bernardeau, Biel Antón, Kiko Bena, and Miguel Fernández are the first protagonists announced in the return of one of the most successful Spanish drama series of all time: “Physics or Chemistry”.

“FoQ. La Nueva Generación” is a aspirational breath of fresh air with edgy new storylines and characters that reflect the reality of day-to-day life for today’s youth. The series will retain the essence of its predecessor with a new generation of actors playing students at Zurbarán High School.

The drama is currently in pre-production and in almost done casting. Shooting will kick off in a few weeks and continue throughout the summer in several locations around the Canary Islands and the region of Madrid.

“FoQ. La Nueva Generación” will be comprised of eight 50-minute episodes. The series is produced by Buendía Estudios Canarias in collaboration with Boomerang TV and with Atresmedia TV’s participation. 

Sonia Martínez and Carlos García Miranda, of Buendía Estudios Canarias, are the executive producers, while Boomerang TV’s Tedy Villalba is Executive Director; Eugenio Pérez is the line producer for BEC, and Diego Polo is the line producer for the project. The series is directed by Juanma Pachón and Daniel Romero. Montse García is Head of Fiction at Atresmedia TV.

The series was written and created by Carlos García Miranda based on the original format created by Carlos Montero. The team of writers coordinated by García Miranda is made up of Alba Carballal, Diego Pinillos, María Miranda, and Alba Lucio.  

“FoQ”: A Phenomenon for a Whole Generation

“FoQ. La Nueva Generación” marks the return of a new season of “Physics or Chemistry (FoQ),” the popular Antena 3 series created by Carlos Montero that premiered in 2008. The show became a veritable phenomenon among young audiences, launching its protagonists —including Úrsula Corberó, Maxi Iglesias, Javier Calvo, Andrea Duro, Angy Fernández, and Adam Jezierski, among others— to stardom.

Physics or Chemistry (FoQ)” was a huge hit for Antena 3 that redefined the way series targeted at young audiences are made and conceived. The show became one of the best-known Spanish series worldwide, airing in countries such as Bulgaria, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, and Portugal and in Latin America.

In 2020, Atresplayer reunited its protagonists in “Physics or Chemistry (FoQ): The Reunion,” a two-episode special that took the platform and social networks by storm, demonstrating the strength of the show’s brand. Now, a new generation of students is about to arrive on Atresplayer with new stories and plotlines and the same essence of the series that became a worldwide phenomenon over a decade ago.

Introducing “FoQ. La Nueva Generación”

Adolescence is a time of “firsts”: first time getting drunk, first time petting at a party, first time saying “I love you” … And first-time grieving.

The new school year at Zurbarán is marked by the death of one of its students, leading the parents’ cooperative that now runs the center to create a support group for students.

This is how eight very different teenagers end up sharing a space where they clash head-on but ultimately end up getting to know each other and sharing their lust for life. And falling in love.