Norma Ruiz and Eduardo Velasco add a new plot twist to 'La Moderna'

  •   The two actors will play Conchita (Matilde’s aunt) and Don Cecilio.


  •   Plus, the series is adding two new sets: the dressmaking workshop and Don Fermín's attic, which Inés and Laurita will move into.


  •   Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m., on La 1 and RTVE Play


Two new characters join “La Moderna” to add a new twist to its storylines: Norma Ruiz will play Aunt Conchita, and Eduardo Velasco will play Don Cecilio. Their stories will surely move fans of La 1’s drama starting this Wednesday, January 24.

Norma Ruiz will take on the role of Aunt Conchita, Rosario’s sister-in-law and Matilde, Luisa, Pablo, and Clarita’s aunt, who is back to stay with the family. Conchita is very close to her nephew and nieces and will stay in the corrala looking after them when Rosario leaves to take care of her mother. Meanwhile, Eduardo Velasco will play Don Cecilio, who strikes up a close rapport with Conchita, who has Marta work as her assistant in the workshop.

Two familiar faces for the channel's audience will play the new characters on La 1's afternoon series. Norma Ruiz starred in the series "El hombre de tu vida" and has also participated in other shows like “Cuéntame” and “El Ministerio del Tiempo.” And Eduardo Velasco is back on La 1’s afternoon slot after playing Fernando Quintero on “Servir y proteger” for six seasons.

Two New Sets

In addition to these two new characters, the series will also premiere two new sets: Doña Rosario and Aunt Conchita’s dressmaking workshop, which the sister-in-law and Marta will have to take over when Rosario leaves; and Don Fermín’s attic, which Inés fixes up so she and her sister Laurita can live there on their own.

Introducing “La Moderna”

“La Moderna” transports viewers to Madrid in the ‘30s with stories about the workers and customers at a distinguished tea room in the city center. Based on Luisa Carnés’ novel “Tea Rooms,” the series stars Helena Ezquerro, Stéphanie Magnin, and Almagro San Miguel, alongside an ensemble cast featuring Miryam Gallego, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Sara Rivero, Llorenç González, Berta Castañé, and Barbara Mestanza, among others.