"La Moderna" starts shooting its second season with new characters, plot and sets

  • Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Begoña Maestre, and Álex Adrover join the all-star cast, headed by Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, and Stéphanie Magnin.


  • The storylines have been revitalized with new characters incorporated in recent weeks, played by Carlos Serrano-Clark, Eva Pedraza, Manuel Bandera, Eduardo Velasco, and Armando del Río.


  • The new sets include Doña Carla's house, a jukebox shop, the sewing workshop, and Laurita and Inés’ attic.


Shooting is underway for the second season of “La Moderna," La1's daily drama, which aired its 100th episode on Thursday, February 15. Over the coming weeks, we’ll see new stories staring new characters played by Miguel Ángel Múñoz, Begoña Maestre, and Álex Adrover.

Moreover, in this season of the series produced by RTVE and Mediawan in collaboration with Boomerang TV, the storylines have been refreshed with compelling characters played by Armando del Río, Carlos Serrano-Clark, Eva Pedraza, Manuel Bandera, and Eduardo Velasco, who have recently joined the series. The cast, headed by Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, Stéphanie Magnin, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Berta Galo, Llorenç González, and Alba Gutiérrez, is now further supported by these new additions that will mark the lives of the main characters, the tea room’s employees and customers.

There are also some important novelties as far as the sets. "La Moderna" will be shooting in new, emblematic natural settings around Madrid's historic district and on two studio sets covering over 2,500 square meters with new rooms used to recreate the new storylines. In addition to the exquisite tea room, the imposing shopping mall, the cabaret, and the homes of the protagonists, the brand-new sets include Doña Carla's stately home, a jukebox shop located in the Morcuende shopping mall, the sewing workshop, and the attic where Laurita and Inés now live.


Second Season

The second season will feature new characters and plots to revolutionize the main characters' lives. It starts with an event that will mark a turning point: Matilde and Iñigo’s wedding. Everyone expects the wedding will be a quiet and happy affair. But that won’t be the case, as the marriage will significantly change the Garces family’s lives.

The villainess, Doña Carla, refuses to stand idly by watching the wedding, and she and her mother do everything in their power to intervene and stop the ceremony from taking place.

Day-to-day life at the Morcuende shopping mall is disrupted when two new characters arrive. The implacable Cesar Morel, played by Miguel Ángel Muñoz, is now running the Madrid Cabaret and entering Inés' life. Mario, played by Álex Adrover, arrives to take over the jukebox shop and reconnect with an old flame from the past. There are also some changes in the Tea Room, including a new sales clerk, Doña Lázara (Begoña Maestre), who is determined to take over Teresa’s job as Manager.

The daily drama, winner of the FICAL Award for Best Daily Series at the Almería Film Festival, is based on the 1934 novel "Tea Rooms," one of the best-known works by Luisa Carnés, one of the great writers of the Generation of 1927.


New Characters


Elegant, attractive, and with a knack for keeping a stiff upper lip, César has moved to Madrid from Marseille and is hoping to draw on his experience in the city's nightclubs to start a new life. During his time away, he worked for the Marseille mafia as head of security for several clubs and was also put in charge of doing shady jobs upon his boss's orders. When he moves to Spain, the Madrid Cabaret happens to be looking for a manager, so he starts working there. He meets Inés, whose uncle, Don Fermín, owns the tea room. César is attracted to her, but the ghosts from the past stop him from trying to woo her.

BEGOÑA MAESTRE is Lázara Aguirre

An obsessive, perverse woman who thinks the ends justify the means. She arrives at "La Moderna" as the tea room's new sales assistant. Lázara refuses to hang out with her workmates and makes it clear that she has no desire to partake in the fraternal spirit among the tea room's staff. She cunningly tries to win over the Tea Room's owner, Don Fermín, and Doña Teresa, the manager, to achieve her goal: taking over Teresa's job.

ÁLEX ADROVER is Mario García

Jovial, fun, and witty, Mario arrives at "La Moderna" to run the jukebox shop at the shopping mall. He is Teresa's, the Tea Room manager's, former boyfriend. They met at an outdoor dance during the San Isidro celebrations. They bonded over their shared passion for dance and became engaged. Days before the wedding, Mario ran off with Teresa's best friend. After moving in with his new partner, Mario discovered a passion for making easy money. He meets Alfredo, a swindler and former associate with whom he devised several scams that have allowed him to live off his unsuspecting victims. Mario comes back in search of new victims. He tries to win Teresa's heart back to make sure his plan succeeds. 

CARLOS SERRANO-CLARK is Jacobo Morcuende

Cordial, handsome, and polite, Jacobo appears at "La Moderna" claiming to be the son of the recently deceased Jaime Morcuende. But the real Jacobo Morcuende died in the Muni River while the two were serving together in the army. When his friend died, he saw the chance to replace him and inherit his fortune. But Aguirre finds out the truth, and he and Carla try to finish him off. Carla does everything she can to win Jacobo's heart and succeeds. But just when everything seems to be going well, she betrays him. Jacobo won't stand idly by. He does everything he can to stop her from hurting people and teams up with Matilde and Iñigo to this end.

EVA PEDRAZA is Bárbara de la Cruz

Elegant and attractive, Bárbara is used to having gentlemen fall at her feet. She is intelligent, ambitious, and greedy and has a talent for (almost) always getting her way. Bárbara returns to "La Moderna" to be with her daughter Carla and do everything she can to help her reach her goals. To this end, when she finds out that Fabio del Moral could be named Minister of Public Works, she tries to move their relationship one step further. She knows that if she were to become his wife, she could pressure him to pass laws that would benefit Carla.

MANUEL BANDERA is Fabio del Moral

A reputable diplomat with political aspirations, Fabio is a tenacious, brilliant, good-hearted, and successful businessman. His family has been among the elite for generations. After getting his Law degree, he embarked upon a career as a diplomat and became an ambassador in just a few years, without resorting to his family's influence. As fate would have it, Fabio met Doña Bárbara on a trip abroad and was captivated by her charms. He does not realize that Doña Bárbara wants to gain entry into high society and further her daughter's plans for the future. Unaware of this mother-daughter plot against him, Fabio is deeply invested in his relationship with Doña Bárbara.

ARMANDO DEL RÍO is Pascual Peñalver

Pascual is Iñigo's father and has just returned after disappearing when Iñigo was just a boy. He's trying to make up for lost time and regain his son's affection. This reunion comes about thanks to Doña Carla, who, in an obsessive attempt to win Iñigo back, brings his father back to rebuild their connection. The satisfaction of recovering his relationship with his father is short-lived once Iñigo discovers the true causes behind this estrangement. Iñigo is plagued with doubts…



Director of Film and Fiction, RTVE - José Pastor

Executive Producer, RTVE - Fernando López Puig

Executive Production, Boomerang TV - Luis Santamaría and Humberto Miró

Director- Humberto Miró

Directing - Liliana Bocanegra, Isaac Cantero, Pedro Martínez, and David Montoya

Screenplay – Carlos Martín Eguía, Joaquin Santamaría, Miquel Peidró (up to ep. 120), Laura Molpeceres (up to ep. 30), Jose Antonio López (Kata), Remedios Crespo, Ignasi Rubio, Juan Manuel Beiro, Ángela Armero, Neus Peidró, Sergio Barrejón, Jose Angel Domínguez, Ernesto Pozuelo (Starting with ep. 121)

Production Supervisors – Tedy Villalba and Laura Jaraiz

Production Manager: Gabriel Nieto

Casting Director — Juan León

Art Director — Paco Redondo

Wardrobe Head — Marta Gómez (Margo)

Makeup and Hairdressing Head — Paula Sanabria

Directors of Photography – Antonio González Méndez, Juan Carlos De La Torre, Eduardo Biurrun and Jacobo Sánchez

Music - Roberto González and Jesús Díaz

Editing - Laurent Berna (up to ep.100) Graciela Fernández Cora (starting with ep. 121)

Sound - Oscar Paniagua and J. Miguel Agüero

FX - Manu Herrera

Sound Post-Productiong - Raúl Lasvignes and Leonor Fernández Juan.



HELENA EZQUERRO is Matilde Garcés

ALMAGRO SAN MIGUEL is Iñigo Peñalver

STÉPHANIE MAGNIN is Carla de Morcuende

CARLOS SERRANO CLARK is Jacobo Morcuende

EVA PEDRAZA is Doña Bárbara de la Cruz

MANUEL BANDERA is Fabio del Moral

EDUARDO VELASCO is Don Cecilio Torralba

NORMA RUIZ is Conchita Garcés

COSETTE SILGUERO is Clarita Garcés


CARLES SANJAIME is Don Fermín Villanueva

BERTA GALO is Laurita




CARLOS LIBRADO is Francisco Cañete