'La Moderna' breaks record in a special afternoon with back - to - back episodes

  • The second episode drew nearly 900,000 viewers and a 10.3% share.


  • The drama has consolidated its place in the rankings in its afternoon slot on La 1 with new storylines and characters.

On Friday, January 12, the drama series produced by RTVE and Boomerang TV beat ratings records for La 1's afternoon slot. “La Moderna” offered two back-to-back episodes and received a warm welcome from audiences. The second episode beat the ratings record for the series since its premiere in September, with an average of 893,000 viewers and a 10.3% share.

Including on-demand viewers, this figure rose to 974,000 people and a 10.8% share. And nearly 1.5 million viewers watched at least part of this episode.

In just over three months, "La Moderna" has gained a foothold in its afternoon slot on La 1, reaching shares of close to 10% and winning over new audiences. The series, based on Luisa Carnés' novel "Tea Rooms," is set in a distinguished teahouse. Its storylines revolve around the establishment's customers and staff.

This Friday, the series will welcome a new character: Don Jaime’s secret son, Jacobo, played by Carlos Serrano-Clark, a well-loved figure for La 1’s audience who has also appeared in series such as “Cuéntame” and “Acacias 38.”