Carlos Serrano Clark joins 'La Moderna'

  • Starting Monday, January 15, viewers will have a chance to meet Jacobo, the new character on “La Moderna”
  • Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m., on La 1 and RTVE Play
  • Carlos Serrano Clark is known to TVE’s audience for his role as Pablo in “Acacias 38” and as Jorge in the last few seasons of “‘Cuéntame cómo pasó”

“La Moderna” welcomes a new character. Carlos Serrano Clark will play Jacobo Morcuende, son of the recently deceased Jaime Morcuende.

Jacobo grew up in La Palma de Gran Canaria, not knowing who his biological father was until his mother confessed the truth on her deathbed, revealing his biological father's identity.

When he finds out his father's true identity, Jacobo decides to travel to the peninsula to meet him, but when he gets there, he learns that his father has just been murdered.

Jacobo visits the gallery and meets Doña Carla, who is threatened by his arrival as she is convinced that Jacobo has come to claim her late husband’s fortune.

It will be a while before we discover Jacobo Morcuende's true intentions and whether he is who he claims to be. When they meet him, Doña Carla and Aguirre wonder if he is really Don Jaime's son and do everything they can to find out.

Having worked in film, theater, and television, Carlos Serrano Clark is known to TVE's audience for his role as Pablo in "Acacias 38" and as Jorge in the last few seasons of "'Cuéntame cómo pasó."

Episode 75 (Go to the end of this episode)

Matilde tells her family she intends to move to La Rioja with Iñigo. But first, Iñigo must sell the Madrid Cabaret, and Doña Carla will do her best to sabotage him. Meanwhile, Laurita, still working at La Moderna, is on edge as she realizes she has to work up the nerves to tell her mother, Gabriela, that she's pregnant. On top of that, when she does tell her, Gabriela kicks Laurita out of the house, feeling her daughter has tarnished the family’s reputation. Miguel and Trini finally find temporary respite from Cañete's snoring when they start using earplugs… but there's another surprise in store for them: it turns out the headwaiter is sleepwalking! 

Marta has to deal with her feelings for Pablo, while Antonia and Pietro show them what Rosario's son is teaching them. Finally, a handsome young man shows up at Doña Carla's office, claiming to have information that may directly affect her…

Episode 76

Doña Carla discovers the breaking news that Jacobo Morcuende, Don Jaime's alleged son, is in town. His arrival upsets her, leading her to question him about his past to determine whether Jacobo is telling the truth. Much to her surprise, it turns out that Don Jaime’s son isn’t interested in money. Ultimately, Doña Carla is surprised to see how empathetic and obliging Don Jaime’s offspring is. This unexpected turn of events will also upset Iñigo Peñalver's plans to marry Matilde Garcés, as Iñigo learns that they will have to postpone the wedding.

So, in the meantime, Matilde will have to continue dealing with the tearoom's staff when a conflict arises over the new schedules she's assigned them to, and Laurita will have to endure her mother's scorn when she tells Gabriela she's pregnant. On top of being rejected by her mother, she also sees that Fernando Collado does not want her to go to Hollywood with him.

Introducing “La Moderna”

"La Moderna" transports viewers to 1930s Madrid with stories about the workers and customers at a distinguished tea room in the city center. Based on Luisa Carnés' novel "Tea Rooms," following its prime-time premiere, the series airs Monday through Friday on La 1.

Co-produced by RTVE and Mediawan with Boomerang TV's participation, "La Moderna" is shot on location in natural settings in areas of Madrid dating back to the early 20th century and on stage sets covering over 2,500 m2 that recreate the tea room, an imposing shopping mall, and the homes of the protagonists in a historic corrala (a working-class apartment building typical of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries). Music plays a prominent role in the series. The theme song is sung by Pastora Soler and was composed by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson.

Helena Ezquerro, Stéphanie Magnin, and Almagro San Miguel are the three protagonists of a series that also features Miryam Gallego, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, and Sara Rivero. Llorenç Gonzalez, Berta Castañé, and Barbara Mestanza will join them to head this ensemble cast.

Luis Santamaría and Humberto Miró are in charge of the production, while Liliana Bocanegra, Isaac Cantero, Pedro Martínez, and David Montoya are directing. The writing team, coordinated by Carlos Martín Eguía and Joaquín Santamaría, includes Miquel Peidró, Jose Antonio López (Kata), Remedios Crespo, Ignasi Rubio, Juan Manuel Beiro, Angela Armero, Neus Peidró, Sergio Barrejón, Jose Angel Domínguez, and Laura Molpeceres.