The series 'Entre Tierras' premieres on Antena 3 free - to - air TV January 11

The drama, produced by Atresmedia TV and Boomerang TV, stars Megan Montaner, Unax Ugalde, and Juanjo Puigcorbe.

The series “Entre Tierras” will premiere on Antena 3 Thursday at 10:45 p.m. The story is set in Spain during the heroic nineteen-sixties, a time fraught with sacrifices and broken dreams.

“Entre Tierras” is made up of ten 50-minute episodes. The series, which stars Unax Ugalde and Megan Montaner, is a poignant drama set in 1960s’ Spain in which an anonymous heroine willingly abandons her own dreams and aspirations and sacrifices herself for the good of her family.

The co-stars are accompanied by a first-class supporting cast that features Juanjo Puigcorbé, Carlos Serrano, Begoña Maestre, Llorenç Gonzalez, Inma Cuevas, Belén Écija, Magdalena Tejado, Mateo Medina, Clara Garrido, Martín Abelló Sevillano, Inma Pérez-Quirós, Gonzalo Kindelán, and Malena Gutiérrez.

Introducing “Entre Tierras”

María (Megan Montaner) is a woman from Andalusia who has been looking after her family ever since her father died, decides to sacrifice herself for her family’s sake by agreeing to marry a landholder from La Mancha who visits her town looking for a wife in exchange for securing the future and well-being of her mother and siblings.

María leaves behind her home, her family, and a promise of love from a man who had promised to come back from Germany to marry her married, but from whom she has not heard in years. María is now over thirty and has lost hope that he’ll ever return. What María doesn’t realize is that her wedding to the elderly landowner will be by proxy and that she is actually marrying Manuel (Unax Ugalde), Ramón’s (Juanjo Puigcorbé) only nephew, who has no idea that his uncle has just set him a trap.