The "Duel of Champions" on "Pasapalabra"

Throughout its 20-year history, the show “Pasapalabra” has welcomed great champions who managed to meet every challenge. Next week, the program will feature a Duel of Champions as some of the show's veteran champions—including Jero Hernandez, Cesar Garrido, Alberto Izquierdo, and Rosa Nestal—back to confront the new champions Pablo Diaz, Sofia Alvarez, Nacho Mangut, and Marta Terrasa. “Pasapalabra” is an ITV Studios format. The Antena 3 show is produced by ITV in conjunction with Boomerang TV. 

"Pasapalabra" airs Monday through Friday at 8 p.m., drawing excellent ratings every evening. The show closed the year with a 22.9% share and 2.3 million viewers, the most significant advantage over its closest competitor in the show's history.

The Duel of Champions is a special league within the show where eight great contestants face each other in various duels to win a €50,000 jackpot. These specials include the same trials as the usual daily “Pasapalabra” format. The only difference is that the sections "One Out of Four" and "Where Are They Now?" will be thematic trials focusing on champions from various disciplines. 

In the first four installments of the Duel of Champions—the eliminatory round—a veteran and a new champion face each other off. The two winners won't find out who their rival is until they meet on the set. The player who wins each "rosco" (the game's donut-shaped scorecard) or, in the event of a tie, the player with the fewest wrong answers will qualify for the next round. The prize for winning each eliminatory round is €1,200. 
The fifth and sixth installments—the semifinals—will consist of a confrontation between the players who manage to make it through the first phase. Finally, the show will feature a grand finale featuring the duelers who manage to beat their peers. The winner stands to win €50,000.