Celia, the New Character Played by Carlota Baró, Joins “La Moderna”

  • The actress will play the role of a young, non-conformist photographer who is actively fighting to defend the role of women in society.


  • Airs Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m., on La 1 and RTVE Play

On Friday, April 19, the actress Carlota Baró will join “La Moderna” to play Celia Silva Gallardo, an independent, self-assured, young non-conformist photographer and activist fighting to defend the role of women in society.

Celia is an only child who grew up in a traditional family and whose goal is to assert herself as a female artist and photographer and be able to fully express her sexuality despite societal biases.  
She discovered her passion for photography while helping her grandfather in his studio behind her parents’ back. Now, Celia is a reporter and photographer for the magazine “Crónica,” a position she has earned through her own hard work, and she knows all too well that, to be recognized as a professional, she needs to work twice as hard as any man. 

Celia visits the tea room at “La Moderna” while working on an article, and that is where she meets Laurita, Don Fermín’s niece. The two become friends and Celia teaches Laurita a more liberal and progressive approach to life. 

Carlota Baró joins the rest of the cast of the second season of the series, which is headed by Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, Stéphanie Magnin, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Berta Galo, Llorenç González, and Alba Gutiérrez, among others.

This new season will also feature more new storylines featuring other recent additions such as Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Begoña Maestre, Álex Adróver, Eva Pedraza, and Manuel Bandera.