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Reality talent show


2014 - 2021


Antena 3 y Telecinco (2014 - 2018)


Prime time




37 x 100'

Título original

The Voice Kids

Propiedad del formato

ITV Studios




“The Voice Kids” has established itself as the most-watched talent show on television, with a 20% share and 2.2 million viewers in its second edition on Antena 3.

Production kicked off on the new edition of “The Voice Kids,”  with a renovated team of coaches as the main novelty. Aitana and Sebastian Yatra will become coaches for the first time, joining David Bisbal and Pablo López, who served as coaches in previous editions of the format.

Produced by Boomerang TV, “The Voice” is one of the world’s leading music formats. The hit ITV Studios format is hosted by Eva González together with Juanra Bonet.

Contestants start by participating in the Blind Auditions, the format's most distinct stage, where the coaches begin to choose their teams, judging candidates based solely and exclusively on their voices. 

Once the teams are formed, the show's coaches will lead their respective groups in the Knockouts, the second stage of the contest, where they'll have other important artists on hand to offer them advice. During this stage, the coaches will devote themselves to helping their young singers develop and evolve. The contestants will perform in groups of three singing the same song in each “round,” so each team presents three musical trios. With help from their assistants, the coaches will have to analyze their team's performances and decide which of the young artists should move on so that only six artists from each group will continue as contestants in “The Voice Kids.”

After making this selection, each coach, again with help from their assistant coaches, will choose which singers will stay in the contest. The artists from each team who make it through the “Knockouts” will continue to the final stage.

The three best artists from each team will star in the grand finale on “The Voice Kids,” where finalists will give it their all to try to win. And the winner will be rewarded with a music scholarship and the option, if the young artist so wishes, to record a single with Universal Music.

After these performances, the coaches will have to make the most challenging decision: choosing which of their three finalists will vie for victory during the final stretch of this decisive evening. The studio audience will be in charge of voting to decide the winner. In the 2021 edition, the show's team of coaches consists of artists David Bisbal, Rosario Flores, Melendi, and Vanesa Martín.

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