The prison choir

Everyone deserves a second chance

Sixteen men and women with no musical experience; thirteen songs; thirteen weeks of rehearsals and one common objective: to give a brilliant performance on the day of the final con­cert in front of the audience. Only one small detail: the members of this special choir are inmates at a real-life prison where they are serving time for various crimes.

The Prison Choir was nominated for an International Emmy Award. It also won Best Reality Show at the Banff Televi­sion Festival in Canada and was selected by the European Radio and Television Union as one of the Ten Best TV Formats of 2006. Fifteen countries have optioned the show, which has already been successfully adapted in Spain, Norway, Italy and Peru.

Prime Time / Late Night
Reality Talent Show
3 Seasons: 9 x 60´, 13 x 60´, 13 x 60´