The best way to learn is to teach

What happens when a group of twenty-something become teachers? How can they teach their students about the world if they must first learn it for themselves? They’re expected to serve as role models for their teenager pupils but the young teachers’ arrival will unveil a whole universe of conflicts.

'Physics or Chemistry' is a groundbreaking, bold, contemporary series that addresses the typical conflicts faced by young adults in an unprecedentedly realistic way.

Introducing Spain’s hit series. Seven highly successful seasons and number one option in its timeslot.
It is the first Spanish series adapted for the US Hispanic market.

Antena 3
Prime Time
Teenage Drama
Season 1: 8x70’ - Season 2: 14x70’
Season 3: 11x70’ - Season 4: 14x70’
Season 5: 9x70’ - Season 6: 14x70’
Season 7: 7x70'