The Mysteries of Laura

Who better to solve a crime than mum?

Like any modern-day woman, Laura Lebrel has to juggle her career and personal life. The brilliant police inspector is recently divorce and has to tackle the most complicated cases while looking after two potential future delinquents: her children. She is also obliged to deal with her ex-husband, who is also her boss and work hand-in-hand with a womanizer who might just possibly be her ideal partner. The Mysteries of Laura, a.k.a. Mum Detective, is a police comedy that brings a breath of fresh air to the detective genre, a renovation: the new classic.

Adaptations in USA, Holland, Italy and Russia. The American version, starring Debra Messing, is produced by Warner for NBC. It is the first Spanish series commissioned for a second season in USA.

Prime Time
Police · Family · Comedy
3 Seasons: 6x60’, 13x60, 13x60’