Nipping it in the bud

Luci is just an ordinary woman. She is thirty nine, works as a gardener, lives in a mortgaged flat, has a son, an ex husband and a sister, who she talks to on the phone every day. Luci is a fighter, a go getter. She can stand up to Life’s setbacks and pick out the positive bits from bad experiences: her separation, her son’s not so good academic achievements, adapting to a new boss, how to start dating again once you’ve lost the feel for it.... She’s bright, a good person, and friend… but you better not get her cross. She knows that neither life nor she are perfect. And thankfully so, because the world would be a pretty boring place.

Luci is a true life comedy. Its documentary style direction makes set construction and heavy shooting display unnecessary, turning the City in which Luci lives and works, into one of the principal characters in the series.

The Series has been optioned in USA.

Access Prime Time
Family · Comedy
2 seasons: 13 x 25´, 22 x 25´
Third season in the pipeline