Healthy Bites

Eat well, live better

Healthy Bites is more than a coaching format; the show is designed to teach us how to live fuller and richer lives.

The guests featured on the show have terribly unhealthy lifestyles and will be given one month to make radical changes in their eating habits. An MD specialized in nutrition will be in charge of helping them achieve their goals, giving them guidelines to help them lead a healthier lifestyle. In order to motivate participants to make changes, the doctor will use a sophisticated computer program to show them what they will look like in the future if they continue with their unhealthy eating habits. Our expert will also avail herself of spy cameras installed in the kitchen and inside the fridge in order to help monitor whether guests are following her guidelines.

Healthy Bites amply exceeded the channel average for Cuatro TV during the 3 seasons it was on the air.

Cuatro TV
Prime Time
Reality Coaching
3 seasons: 4x60´, 4x60´, 2x 60´