Oh Happy Day

The choir revolution is here!

Nine choirs will be selected to par­ticipate in Oh Happy Day! We’ll meet the groups and see how they behave backstage; meet the most interest­ing people in each choir; witness their efforts to improve over the course of the week and, above all, we’ll hear them sing in each show.

Throughout the 14 weeks of the contest we’ll alternate between nomination and elimina­tion galas until the best 3 vocal groups arrive at the grand finale. By that time, our “choir kids” will have become familiar faces for viewers. Everyone at home will want to place their bets on which choir will manage to win the grand cash prize and a chance to record an album.

Pop, rock, folk, gospel and show tunes… our kids will sing anything. Oh Happy Day!, the choir revolution is here!

TV3 · ETB1 · TVG
Prime Time
TV3 · 2 seasons: 13x70´

Third season in the pipeline.
ETB1 · 3 seasons: 13x77´, 6x75´, 12´x75´
TVG · 1 season: 10x60'