Guess Who?

Comparisions are mean but they can make you millionaire!

Although some say comparisons are odious, in this new primetime contest, comparisons can make you a millionaire! The game pits a contestant against several unknown opponents to do something mom always warned against: make comparisons.

Who is older? (Don’t let the grey hair fool you) Who paid more taxes last year? (Don’t let the suit fool you) Who got a better score on their university entrance exams? (Don’t let the blonde hair fool you). Over the course of 10 rounds, contestants must compare themselves to others, and, if they are correct in their guesses, they could win 100,000 euros!

Guess Who? is a fast-paced entertaining contest that will have everyone at home guessing too.

Paper Format
On set version of "You or Me?"
Game Show
Weekly - Access Prime Time
45' to 90'