Acacias 38

Two worlds colliding in an universe of crossed lives

Acacias 38, the address of a stately apartment building where our stories unfold. It is set in 1899 and tells the story of a group of maids and the bourgeois families they serve, in a single block in a distinguished neighborhood of a large Spanish city. In Acacias 38 all lives converge in a single space.

The heart of the series is the coexistence of two ways to face the life. On one hand, the world of maids and humble young men: delivery boys, shopkeepers, tailors… most of whom have emigrated from the countryside to the city in order to seek out a living. They are hardworking poor people whose day-to-day life is limited to the struggle to get ahead. And, on the other hand, there is the world of the genteel people they serve. Rich well-to-do families who find that money does not guarantee happiness nor prevent them from having their own problems and ups and downs.

It is a warm intimate fiction where universal feelings are the main protagonists: love, jealousy, passion, revenge, hatred and the joy of simply being alive.

Afternoon Slot
Drama · Romance · Intrigue
9 seasons in production
65 x 50´