Talent show


2012 - 2019


Antena 3 and Telecinco (2012-2019)

Time slot

Prime time




52 x 100’ (Mediaset) y 24 x 90' (Atresmedia)

Original title

The Voice

Format owner

Talpa Media




“The Voice” is the Spanish adaptation of the hit Dutch format “The Voice”, a hugely successful internationally talent show that has become one of the most popular shows on the current audiovisual scene. Boomerang TV produced the Spanish adaptation of this Talpa format, which airs on Antena 3 and hosted by Eva González. The team of coaches is composed of the following artists: Pablo López, Paulina Rubio, Luis Fonsi and Antonio Orozco.

The world’s most successful musical talent show is embarking on a new stage on Antena 3 and taking a completely unprecedented approach. The original Talpa format is produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with Atresmedia Televisión. With this new edition, the format has gone international in its selection of coaches. Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, Luis Fonsi and Paulina Rubio will compete to have one of their own talents proclaimed winner. Pablo’s sensitivity, Antonio’s experience, Luis’ sense of rhythm and Paulina’s strength are just some of the trump cards the coaches will avail themselves of to try to train the best team. 

Antena 3 has introduced a major novelty on “The Voice,” the concept of “blocking.” During the first stage of the show, the Blind Auditions, the coaches will be able to stop rival coaches from swiveling around in their chairs to choose a talent, making the show even more competitive. Each coach has only two opportunities to block the others, for a total of 8 possible blocks during the Blind Auditions.
Moreover, the studio has been completely transformed, with a round main stage and a more prominent “V” on the logo, one of the format’s hallmarks. The format’s biggest studio in Europe is equipped with 5-million-pixel LED screens and a colorful set.

“The Voice” is the most successful international format to premiere anywhere in the world over the last 8 years. A total of 68 versions have aired in over 180 territories, including practically every one of the most important countries in the worldwide television market. And many of these versions have run for several seasons, a sign of the format’s tremendous and massive international success. 
In its country of origin, Holland, the format has aired eight hugely successful seasons. The U.S. is the format with the most editions so far: a total of 14. In France, the show draws nearly six million viewers, in the UK ratings are double the channel’s average…  Moreover the show continues to reap huge ratings in Australia (8 seasons), Portugal (6 editions), Italy (5 seasons) and Belgium (13 editions between the French and Flemish versions), among others.


  • 2019 Iris Awards finalist Best Director for Marisol Navarro and Antonio González
  • 2019 Premio FesTVal Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • 2016 Ondas Award for Best Entertainment Program
  • 2013 Cadena 100 "Number 1's" Award
  • 2013 Iris Award: Special Prize in recognition of its impact, audience and influence
  • 2012 D.O La Mancha Youth Award
  • 2012 Ondas Award for Best Entertainment Program
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