Talent show


2012 - 2020


Antena 3 and Telecinco (2012-2020)

Time slot

Prime time




52 x 100’ (Mediaset) y 24 x 90' (Atresmedia)

Original title

The Voice

Format owner

Talpa Media




“The Voice” is the Spanish adaptation of the hit Dutch format “The Voice”, a hugely successful internationally talent show that has become one of the most popular shows on the current audiovisual scene. Boomerang TV produced the Spanish adaptation of this Talpa format, which airs on Antena 3 and hosted by Eva González. The team of coaches is composed of the following artists: Alejandro Sanz, Antonio Orozco, Pablo López and Laura Pausini.

The world’s most successful musical talent show is embarking on a new stage on Antena 3 and taking a completely unprecedented approach. The original Talpa format is produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with Atresmedia Televisión. With this new edition, the format has gone international in its selection of coaches. Laura Pausini, Pablo López, Antonio Orozco and Alejandro Sanz will compete to have one of their own talents proclaimed winner.

Moreover, the coaches won't be alone during the Battle stage; they'll have help from some excellent world-class artists in the world of music. Sebastián Yatra will assist Pablo López, Carlos Rivera will help Laura Pausini, Mala Rodríguez will be Antonio Orozco’s right-hand woman, and Tini will sit on the sofa beside Alejandro Sanz.

The News: Viewers Will Play a More Decisive Role than Ever

This season, the program has made some changes to the dynamics, and viewers will play a key role, gaining prominence throughout the various stages of the competition. The audience could leave Antonio, Laura, Alejandro, or Pablo with no one from their team to represent them during the Grand Finale.

The coaches will have to make every effort to get the best voices on their teams to bring out the best in them and manage to win “The Voice.” When the audience starts to vote, they’ll vote for individual contestants and not for a whole team, which means that the coaches could lose more than one participant.

The international format is continually evolving and has gradually incorporated new features that have made it more exciting and competitive.  In addition to "blocking" the other coaches during the Blind Auditions to stop them from pushing the button and being able to retrieve rejected candidates by "stealing them," this year, the audience will weigh in heavily on the final result, as we've already seen in the American version of the show.

Moreover, this year, the stage known as the “Comeback Stage” in the show’s international version will be appear as “El Regreso” on “The Voice” on Antena 3.   This stage is a simultaneous multimedia competition in which a fifth coach will build his or her team to give some voices a second chance. Show Mechanics

The Blind Auditions

During this stage, the coaches will have an opportunity to listen to the contestants chosen in an exhaustive casting held in various cities around Spain. Each coach will select 15 candidates to join their team and move on to the Battles with the best voices.

In the Blind Auditions, the coaches will be able to Block each other to stop other coaches from pushing the button. The Curtain is back, the huge curtain covering the stage during some candidates’ performances will once again give viewers the chance to get a sense of what the coaches feel when they cannot see contestants until it’s clear which team they will join.

The Battles

Once the teams are formed, in the second stage of the contest, the coaches will train and mentor their team members. During the Battles, Mala Rodríguez, Carlos Rivera, Tini Stoessel, Sebastián Yatra will come in to assist Antonio, Laura, Alejandro, Pablo respectively.

The famous red button won’t disappear during this stage because the coaches will be able to press it to “steal” performers who have been eliminated for their teams.

The Knockouts: Each team will finish the Knockouts with three talents, plus another two that each coach will have a chance to steal. In all, five talents from each team will move on to the dreaded Playoffs, but only one will have the chance to jump directly to the first Live Performance if their coach chooses them. During the Playoffs: The lead-up to the Live Performance Shows will begin with four talents from each team, but only two will make it to the next stage.

Live Performance Shows

Antonio Orozco, Laura Pausini, Alejandro Sanz, and Pablo López will make it to the last stage with three talentseach determined to confront their rivals to reach the Grand Finale.


  • 2019 Iris Awards finalist Best Director for Marisol Navarro and Antonio González
  • 2019 Premio FesTVal Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • 2016 Ondas Award for Best Entertainment Program
  • 2013 Cadena 100 "Number 1's" Award
  • 2013 Iris Award: Special Prize in recognition of its impact, audience and influence
  • 2012 D.O La Mancha Youth Award
  • 2012 Ondas Award for Best Entertainment Program
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