"Entre Tierras" ("Between Lands") is a poignant drama set in 1960s Spain in which an anonymous heroine willingly abandons her dreams and aspirations and sacrifices herself for the good of her family. The series consists of ten 50-minute episodes and was shot in various locations around Castilla-La Mancha and Almería.

Megan Montaner stars in “Entre Tierras”. Unax Ugalde also heads the cast, which features Juanjo Puigcorbé, Carlos Serrano, Begoña Maestre, Llorenç Gonzalez, Inma Cuevas, Belén Écija, Magdalena Tejado, Mateo Medina, Clara Garrido, Martín Abelló Sevillano, Inma Pérez-Quirós, Gonzalo Kindelán, and Malena Gutiérrez, among others.

“Entre Tierras” is a Boomerang TV production for Atresmedia TV. Montse García and Luís Santamaría are Executive Producers for the new Series Atresmedia drama. Lucía Alonso-Allende is Executive Co-producer. “Entre Tierras” was directed by Humberto Miró, Pablo Guerrero, and María Togores.

The screenwriting team is made up of Susana López Rubio, Juan Beiro, and Joaquín Santamaría, with Raquel Busca as Script Analyst. Paco Redondo is in charge of Art Direction. Antonio González is Director of Photography, Montse Sancho is in charge of Costume Design, and Eva Martínez and Jesús Gil are the heads of Makeup and Hairdressing.

Introducing “Entre Tierras”

María (Megan Montaner), an Andalusian woman who has been looking after her family ever since her father died, decides to sacrifice herself for her family’s sake by agreeing to marry a landholder from La Mancha who visits her town looking for a wife in exchange for securing the future and well-being of her mother and siblings.

María leaves behind her home, her family, and a promise of love from a man who had promised to come back from Germany to marry her but from whom she has not heard in years. María is over thirty and has lost hope that he'll ever return. What María doesn't realize is that her wedding to the elderly landowner will be by proxy and that she is actually marrying Manuel (Unax Ugalde), who is the only nephew of Ramón (Juanjo Puigcorbé), and has no idea that his uncle has just set him a trap.

In La Mancha, María is faced with a different world. She is initially met with the rejection of the peasants and day laborers who cast a wary eye on the young landlord's new wife. But, above all, she will have to contend with Manuel, her tormented husband. Before they can consummate the marriage, José (Carlos Serrano), the boyfriend who emigrated to Germany, comes back into María's life. And José will do anything to get María back.

“Entre Tierras” List of Characters

Megan Montaner is María Rodríguez

María gave up her dream of leaving for Germany with her boyfriend to look after her family. She did not hear from him in a very long time and lost all hope of him ever returning. María is a woman years ahead of her time: responsible, protective, brave, and determined. She likes signing, is trained as a hairdresser, and is not afraid to work. She was raised to be self-sacrificing and devoted to her family and gradually gathered her courage and put her many skills to use to develop her full potential. María is forced to choose between the two men who have left a mark on her.

Unax Ugalde is Manuel

María’s husband by force. Ramón’s nephew and Nicolás’ father. Manuel is tormented and melancholic; his wife, Llanos, disappeared, and Manuel is still livid about it. He has no idea how to look after his son and seeks solace in Justa’s arms. But when he meets María, he kicks Justa out of the house. María offers Manuel a second chance.

Carlos Serrano is José Aguilar

María’s first love. José is extroverted, attractive, and a major opportunist. He is skilled at navigating troubled waters and doing whatever it takes to get his way. He has no scruples and is willing to exploit the kindness of others. He wants María to be his. He manipulates her to lure him into this web and conspires with Justa, the eternal rejected woman, to break up María’s marriage.

Begoña Maestre is Justa Martínez

The widow of the estate's caretaker, Justa, keeps secrets and holds grudges. She has a secret affair with the tormented José, making his loneliness easier to bear. Justa bears the stigma of being sterile. She is the Cervantes’ housekeeper and looks after Nicolás, who is afraid of her. María's arrival upends Justa's secret relationship with Manuel, and the caretaker plays all her cards as cunningly as possible to make the Andalusian woman go away.

Juanjo Puigcorbé is Ramón Cervantes

Manuel’s uncle. Ramón is a landowner from La Mancha. An ambitious and ruthless male chauvinist. He was brought up under the harsh conditions in the countryside and has no compassion for anyone or anything. Ramón is more at ease with animals than with people. His only interest is protecting the land and his bloodline. He resists all change. He confronts the day laborers, especially Claudia, with whom he unwittingly shares ties.

Clara Garrido is Claudia Barea

A rebellious and impulsive day laborer. Claudia, the orphaned daughter of an unwed mother, is a fighter committed to helping those in need. She is very class-conscious, detests the Cervantes family, and is very much at odds with Ramón, with whom Claudia has many things in common- unbeknownst to her. At first, Claudia dislikes María simply because she’s the landowner’s wife, but María gradually earns Claudia’s respect.

Llorenç Gonzalez is Gabriel Exposito

Rebellious, friendly, generous, impulsive, and reckless. Gabi is Claudia’s boyfriend and is madly in love with her. He works in a factory near the village and is active in the underground struggle against the regime. Gabi’s family are peasants who have suffered the worst consequences of the war. Gabi was left an orphan and was raised by his grandfather, an uneducated farmer who worked as a day laborer and could barely support the child. Although he grew up in poverty, Gabi is very bright and has managed to learn all sorts of trades. At the quarry, he learned to handle explosives and dynamite… a skill that will prove decisive.

Inma Pérez-Quiros is Sagrario

A widowed mother. Sagrario is sickly and fragile. She has never gotten over her husband’s death and has been depressed ever since. She has a hernia and cannot handle many household chores, so her eldest daughter has become the head of the family. Sagrario empathizes with her daughter but is resigned to her fate. It is women’s destiny to look after their families.

Mateo Medina is Guillermo

The middle brother. Sensitive, intelligent, and introverted. Guillermo suffers over María’s fate more than anyone. He wants to work to help his family, but his sister won't allow it. Guillermo is an excellent student; he must take advantage of this talent. Guillermo becomes a pawn in Joseph’s hands and will have to decide his own destiny if he wants to be free.

Magdalena Tejado is Luisa

The youngest sister. An impulsive and fanciful dreamer. Luisa wants to become an actress and live a modern lifestyle. She cannot stand the thought of marrying out of obligation but willingly accepts it when María makes this sacrifice and is very grateful. Luisa is determined to fight to have a better life and be happy.

Inma Cuevas is Pepita Trocal

Her husband, Sancho, runs the tavern at Atienza. The couple have four children and are also from Andalusia. Pepita is a lively, hard-working, and enthusiastic soap opera fan. She is undaunted. She is strong enough to handle her rough and tough husband. She becomes María’s confidant, a shoulder for María to cry on.

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