“The Voice” premieres on Antena 3 tonight, bringing viewers in Spain closer than ever to the best musical talent show so they can fully experience “The Voice.”  Antena 3 has revolutionized the way the format is broadcast, following the trend set by other international formats in the U.S., Germany and Australia by offering the first stage, the Blind Auditions, divided into two shorter gala events on two consecutive nights. 

This way, every Monday and Tuesday, viewers will have a bi-weekly date with “The Voice” on Antena 3. The gala performances during the Blind Auditions on “The Voice” will now last half as long as before, allowing fans of the hit music talent show to watch the entire concert during prime time.

New Additions to the Music Talent Show Produced by Boomerang TV and Atresmedia TV

Antena 3 has introduced a major novelty on “The Voice:” the concept of “blocking.” During the first stage of the show, the Blind Auditions, the coaches will be able to stop their rivals from swiveling around in their chairs to pick a talent, making the show even more competitive. Each coach has only three opportunities to block the others during the Blind Auditions, for a total twelve possible blocks.

Moreover, at the end of each of the Blind Auditions, Antena 3 will air “Más de ‘La Voz’” [“More from The Voice”], a show where viewers will have a chance to delve into the more private moments on the show. We’ll learn about the singers selected: what they’re like, what they do for a living, how they get along with the team and how they work together, their pre-concert jitters and their excitement about being chosen. And we’ll also see the coaches arrive at the studio and get ready  and witness their excitement before going on the set. And, of course, we’ll also learn about our host: what it feels like to host this format, her experiences with the participants’ families and her relationship with the coaches. It’s a very attractive proposition that will give audiences a glimpse of the heart and soul of "The Voice."

Furthermore, minutes before "The Voice" premieres, fans of the program will have a chance to connect live via Instagram or Twitter with celebrity influencers Keunam and Hermoti, who have thousands of followers on social networks, where they’ll offer exclusive commentary on one of the show’s Blind Auditions. During the commercial breaks, we’ll connect with Keunam and Hermoti once again through Instagram in order to comment on what’s going on in the show with fans. The show’s profiles are: @LaVozAntena3, on Twitter,@lavozantena3, on Instagram, @LaVozAntena3, on Facebook and La Voz Antena 3, on Youtube.

Moreover, the studio has been completely transformed, with a round main stage and a more prominent “V” on the logo, one of the format’s hallmarks. The format’s biggest studio in Europe is equipped with 5-million-pixel LED screens and a colorful set. Antena 3 gives “The Voice” the format’s biggest studio in Europe. And it does so at the legendary Theater, home of many of the network’s biggest hits. As far as the technical means, the production occupies two studios with a surface area of almost 3,000 square meters in all (one is 2,000 m2 and the other 900 m2). The two studios have been acoustically conditioned using new materials that have never before been used in Europe but are often used in major productions in the U.S. These were approved exclusively for use in this production in Spain over the summer, allowing the show to furnish its studios with the best acoustic materials on the audiovisual market. 

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