“The Voice Senior” Premieres on Antena 3 Next December 10
“The Voice Senior” Premieres on Antena 3 Next December 10
“The Voice Senior” Premieres on Antena 3 Next December 10


“The Voice Senior” Premieres on Antena 3 Next December 10

After helping out as assistant coaches, Bustamante, Pastora Soler, and Rosana will join the “The Voice” family, together with Antonio Orozco, who was already part of the team last year.

Eva González will be at the helm of this format, consolidating her career as a host of entertainment formats.

Produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia Televisión, “The Voice” is one of the biggest music formats in the world.

“The Voice” holds its own as the music talent show of the season, continually drawing an average of nearly 2.3 million viewers.

Following its success as the hottest new format in Spain and on Antena 3, “The Voice Senior” is slated to premier its second edition. The new season of the talent show produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia TV will premiere next Thursday, December 10, during prime time on Antena 3 as a major even for the Christmas season.

The show continues in its quest to find the best experienced voices in the country. And during this new season, a new batch of contestants will get up on stage to try their luck before the coaches and prove they’ve got potential. The talent show offers a second chance to talented singers who were unable to realize their dreams when they were younger or are simply longing to get back up on stage.

In this second season of “The Voice Senior” on Antena 3, the show will feature Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco as the coaches. These four nationally and internationally renowned artists, will join the show’s team on Antena 3 to try to find the best voices.

Moreover, the second edition of “The Voice” will draw to a close this Friday on Antena 3, having conquered Friday nights as the most-watched talent show of the season, reaching an average of nearly 2.3 million viewers and an 18.2% audience share.

Eva González: Master of Ceremonies

Eva González is be at the helm of the various versions of “The  Voice” once again this season. On this occasion, she will be back to host to version for older adults. This season, the host has proven to be one of the most important faces of entertainment in this country.

Once again, Eva González will be in charge of accompanying the contestants’ families on the show during the first stage of the program. The families are more nervous than anyone when they see their friends and family members get up on stage, and the host will be in charge of accompanying them during these very delicate moments.

“The Voice,” Talent Show of the Season

“The Voice” is experiencing one of its greatest moments and has become the most-watched show on television. The Antena 3 show continues to draw an average 18.2% audience share on Friday nights with some 2,282,000 viewers

The talent show grew ratings among its target audience, the most valued viewers for advertisers, reaching an 18.5% audience share. It did outstandingly well among young audiences, reaching an impressive 24.3%, and among female audiences (19.9%).

As far as the various territories, the first stage of “The Voice” has worked very well in the autonomous communities of Andalusia (22%), the Balearic Islands (22.3%), Murcia (23.1%), the Canary Islands (22.2%), Valencia (19.9%), and Madrid (18.6%).

“The Voice Senior” disembarked in Spain last year when its first edition aired on Antena 3. Throughout the seasons, the show drew an average 2 million viewers.

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