“The Voice” Reaches the Playoffs with a Decisive Role for the Fifth Coach
“The Voice” Reaches the Playoffs with a Decisive Role for the Fifth Coach


“The Voice” Reaches the Playoffs with a Decisive Role for the Fifth Coach

"The Voice" ranks as the most-watched talent show of the season, with an average 19.4% audience share and nearly 2.3 million viewers.

The Knockouts on "The Voice" end this Friday, and the Playoffs will be different from those in previous editions, with crucial new additions to the show's dynamics.

At the end of the show, Miriam Rodríguez will rescue one of the contestants eliminated, and this contestant will face off against Kelly, the winner of the Comeback, in a duel that will kick off the Live Shows.

Sebastián Yatra, Carlos Rivera, Mala Rodríguez, and Tini will assist the coaches before the final stage of the show

Produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Boomerang TV, "The Voice" is one of the world's most popular music formats.

Next Friday, Antena 3 will air the Playoffs on “The Voice.” It’ll be a different sort of battle where, for the first time, one of the artists eliminated from the contest will reenter the competition.

To this end, the fifth coach, Miriam Rodríguez, will rescue two contestants from among those who were not initially chosen. She’s already chosen one, Kelly, who won the face-offs that have been carried out over the past few weeks on the Comeback.

The other winner will be decided during the mighty Playoffs when Miriam will choose another talent from among the contestants eliminated throughout the evening. The two rescued contestants will battle it out in a spectacular duel during the first live show to try to get back on “The Voice.”

The aspiring artists share a love of music reflected in the Playoffs with their strong, high-power performances and great attitude, sensitivity, feelings, and emotions, which promise to make things challenging for coaches Antonio Orozco, Laura Pausini, Pablo López, and Alejandro Sanz. The four coaches and their assistant coaches, Mala Rodríguez, Carlos Rivera, Yatra, and Tini, will have the difficult task of bidding farewell to some of the talents, as they enjoy some fun times and some exceptional impromptu performances.

“The Voice,” Unbeatable

“The Voice” is experiencing one of its greatest moments and has become the most-watched show on television.  The Antena 3 show has drawn an average 19.4% audience share Friday nights with 2,336,000 viewers

The talent show grew ratings among its target audience, the most valued viewers for advertisers, reaching a 19.7% audience share. It did outstandingly well among young audiences, reaching an impressive 26.2%.

As far as the various territories, the first stage of “The Voice” has worked very well in the autonomous communities of Andalusia (24%), the Balearic Islands (23.8%), Murcia (24.2%), the Canary Islands (24.1%), Valencia (21.6%), and Madrid (20.1%).

The audience will play a more decisive role than ever in this edition.

This season, the program has added new game dynamics, and viewers will play a key role, gaining prominence throughout the various stages of the competition. The audience could leave Antonio, Laura, Alejandro, or Pablo without contestants to represent them in the Grand Final.

The coaches will have to do their best to recruit the most talented singers and help bring out the best in them to win “The Voice.” When the audience starts voting, they’ll have to vote for a single contestant and not a whole team, which means each of the coaches could lose more than one participant.

Major Entertainment, on Antena 3

“The Voice” is part of Atresmedia Televisión’s family of entertainment formats.The group continues to bet on the sort of hit international titles that have aired on Antena 3, including “¡Boom!, “¡Ahora caigo!, “La ruleta de la suerte, “¿Quién quiere ser millonario?,” “Pasapalabra,” and its recent premier “Mask Singer: adivina quién canta.”

Moreover, one of the most successful international formats of recent years, "Tu Cara Me Suena," was also born on Antena 3. The talent show, which returned to the network last January with its eighth season, is Friday night’s most-watched format.

Entertainment plays a vital role on Antena 3's daily schedule. This year, “El Hormiguero 3.0” has established itself as the most successful daily format on Spanish television after finishing this past season as the leader in its time slot for the sixth year in a row.

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