Series Premiere of Inés of My Soul at Conecta Fiction
Series Premiere of


Series Premiere of "Inés of My Soul" at Conecta Fiction

Today (Wednesday, September 2nd) at 6:00 p.m., Conecta Fiction will host the big-screen world premiere of "Inés of My Soul"––the series co-produced by RTVE, Boomerang TV, and Chilevisión––at the fortress in Pamplona (Navarre), within the context of Conecta Fiction Reboot.

The premiere will be attended by actors Elena Rivera, Eduardo Noriega, and Federico Aguado, and by the series' executive producer, Jorge Redondo, and its directors, Alejandro Bazzano and Nicolás Acuña. A discussion with the actors will follow after screening the first two episodes.

This ambitious international RTVE, Boomerang TV, and Chilevisión co-production is the TV adaptation of "Inés of My Soul," the hit homonymous novel by Isabel Allende–––translated into more than 30 languages to date. Over the course of eight fascinating episodes, the series tells the story of Inés Suárez (the character played by Elena Rivera). Her life-changing journey will transport viewers back in time and space from historic 16th-century Plasencia to Pizarro's colorful Viceroyalty of Peru, including the wild jungles of Panama and the desolate beauty of the Atacama Desert, in Chile. Throughout this journey, Inés will discover the true love of her life, the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, played by Eduardo Noriega.

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