“Old Bridge Secret” will reach its long-awaited conclusion in an exciting final episode next Wednesday
“Old Bridge Secret” will reach its long-awaited conclusion in an exciting final episode next Wednesday


“Old Bridge Secret” will reach its long-awaited conclusion in an exciting final episode next Wednesday

After nine years and over 2,300 episodes on the air, on Wednesday, May 20, the daily drama produced by Boomerang TV for Antena 3 will bid audiences farewell in style. The final episode of the longest-running Spanish TV series will air during prime time. 

“Old Bridge Secrete” marked a turning point in the history of Spanish drama series, drawing acclaim from audiences and critics alike and reaching more than 60 countries. 

For almost a decade, “Old Bridge Secret” has helped develop and consolidate the Spanish audiovisual industry. 

Every episode of “Old Bridge Secret” is available free on ATRESplayer. 


“Old Bridge Secret,” the most successful and internationally famous daily drama on Spanish television, will air its grand finale next Wednesday, May 20. And the series will go out with a bang, airing its final episode during prime time on Antena 3 to mark the end of a highly successful run after nine years and over 2,300 on the air. 

The longest-running series on national television, “Old Bridge Secret," marked a turning point in Spanish daily dramas. More than a million and a half faithful viewers have accompanied Doña Francisca, Raimundo, Emilia, Hipólito, Mauricio, Matías... and many other characters every day in a journey that has lasted nearly a decade. This Wednesday, fans of the series will discover the great mystery Old Bridge hides in an exciting final episode that is full of surprises.   

Produced by Boomerang TV, “Old Bridge Secret” has garnered audience and critical acclaimed, reaching more than 60 countries worldwide. 

The Antena 3 daily drama has also helped develop and consolidate the Spanish audiovisual industry. Over nearly a decade, hundreds of the best professionals in the sector have worked on the series at some point. And the production has served as an excellent showcase for dozens of actors. 

“Old Bridge Secret” has Luis Santamaria and Alberto Pernet as its executive producers. David Montoya, Pedro Martínez Cifuentes, Alberto Lobelle, and Cesar Arriero are the series’ directors. Miquel Peidró is in charge of coordinating the team of screenwriters, which includes José Antonio López, Estefanía Mendaña, Benjamín Zafra, Susana Prieto, Santiago Díaz, Santiago Tabuenca, Félix Jiménez, and Francisco Díanes. Together with a cast and crew of excellent professionals, they are all in charge of this production.   

Every episode broadcast is available for free on ATRESplayer. Moreover, audiences outside Spain will have a chance to bid “Old Bridge Secret” farewell on Antena 3 Internacional and the international version of the Atresmedia pay-TV platform. 

Summary of the Final Episode 

After the attack on the Solozábal family's metalworks, Pablo ends up severely injured, and everyone at the Mansion, especially Carolina, is worried sick. Meanwhile, Rosa is determined to ruin her sister Marta’s happiness once and for all. So she figures out a way to frame Adolfo for Ramón’s murder. 

Tomás is about to reveal Jean Pierre’s true identity to his mother. He sets a trap, telling him that the body of foreman Íñigo Maqueda has been found. Marcela discovers the secret Emilia had zealously guarded since she first arrived in Old Bridge, and she tells Matías. 

Meanwhile, Francisca Montenegro calls Lázaro Campuzano to draw the line for Don Filiberto. Little does she realize the terrible and unexpected consequences this order will have in Old Bridge. 


“The series ‘Old Bridge Secret’ has been very satisfactory for us. On the one hand, the loyal audience the series has built was moved by its storyline and characters and stayed with them for a long time. One very significant factor in the success of this series is, no doubt, the audience's affection.  On the other hand, having a series on the air for that long is very positive for the industry. Old Bridge has welcomed many excellent professionals, an extraordinary cast and crew who have proven the quality of our country’s professionals and the excellent work they do,” affirms Montse García, Director of Fiction for Atresmedia Televisión. 

The head of the series for Atresmedia Televisión also alluded to the daily drama's impressive career, explaining that “Old Bridge Secret” has left a mark: “The grand prize has been the international success of 'Old Bridge Secret,' which is excellent news that highlights the excellent work that's been done and is also a recognition of the quality our daily series.” 

Meanwhile, Luis Santamaría, Executive Director of Fiction for Boomerang TV and Executive Co-producer for the series, says: "When we started, almost ten years ago, no one could have imagined that 'Old Bridge Secret' would become what it is today. It has become the longest-running series in our country's history, but it has also marked a turning point in our daily dramas, setting the bar as an international leader in this genre."  

“For Boomerang, working with Atresmedia to produce this unique project has been a wonderful experience. All this was made possible thanks to an excellent team that more than a thousand professionals have been part of, making the series a significant driving force for our audiovisual industry. Old Bridge has served as a school for technical and creative talent and helped develop a significant pool of professionals,” affirms the Head of Production. 

A Ratings Hit 

After nine years on the air, “Old Bridge Secret” has always boasted enviable health, remaining the most-watched daily drama in its time slot episode after episode.  

Since its premiere on Antena 3 in February 2011, “Old Bridge Secret” has managed to build a successful, widely acknowledged track record. And this track record has been made possible by a first-rate creative and technical team that has been renovated season after season to guarantee that the series meets the high standards set by the Atresmedia Series brand. Since the very first episode, nearly 39 million people have tuned into the series at some point. 

Over its more than 2,300 episodes, “Old Bridge Secret” has drawn an average of 1.6 million viewers per episode. The series has drawn an average share of more than 15%, and almost 18 points among female audiences. 

The Most International Daily Drama: Broadcast in Over 60 Countries 

The original Atresmedia series has aired in over 60 countries and is especially worth noting for its success in Italy. The daily drama has become a social and ratings phenomenon there, leading its time slot almost daily. 

In addition to the warm welcome it has received on some Latin American channels, the drama has also aired in Vietnam, where it became the first Spanish series to air in the country, and the first Spanish daily to reach Southeast Asia.   

“Old Bridge Secret” has aired on channels in Chile, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Georgia, Cyprus, Lithuania, and the United States, among others. 

Impressive Ratings Over the Past Nine Years 

‘Old Bridge Secret’ is the longest-running series ever aired on Spanish television. And this milestone has not stopped the daily drama from reinventing itself each season over the past decade. A team of nearly 160 people has been in charge of the day-to-day work of shooting each episode, sometimes shooting more than an episode a day. Almost 800 actors and some 24,000 extras have appeared on its sets. 

In all these years, “Old Bridge Secret” has exceeded 2,100 days of recording, with two units working simultaneously, alternating between the three studios the daily drama has had and natural outdoor locations. A total of 700 sets have been built to make the stories set in the village more realistic. The sets were decorated with thousands of pieces of furniture from all over Spain. Moreover, some 400 fake newspapers created as props. 

The screenwriters have written more than 40,000 scenes and 105,000 pages to develop the storylines that unfold in the village. This number is equivalent to 105,000 minutes, 1,750 hours, or 73 days of uninterrupted broadcast. 

Its Relevance for the Spanish Audiovisual Industry 

The ongoing success or “Old Bridge Secret,” both in Spain and abroad, has turned the Antena 3 series into one of the most important driving forces of the nation’s audiovisual industry.  

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized this work. In October 2016, it granted the series an Iris Jury Award, in recognition of: “its contribution to promoting, developing and consolidating the Spanish audiovisual industry, creating a content factory that generates more than 1 episode a day, and for serving as a professional talent pool that has also managed to cross borders, becoming an international hit.”  

Having become one of the most emblematic series in Spanish television history, over the past nine years, “Old Bridge Secret” has counted on some of the best professionals in the sector. It has also served as a launching pad for actors who got their first big break on the Antenna 3 series. 

Over the years, “Old Bridge Secret” has featured nearly 800 actors––including protagonists and supporting actors––and some 24,000 extras. The Antena 3 drama has served as an unparalleled showcase for dozens of actors who have managed to consolidate their careers, in some cases beyond our borders: María Bouzas, Álvaro Morte, Megan Montaner, Jaime Lorente, Álex Gadea, Alejandra Onieva, Jordi Coll, Adriana Torrebejano, Carlos Serrano, Sandra Cervera, and Loreto Mauleón, among others. 

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