The show is produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia TV and pits contestants against each other in a completely unexpected way. Its prime-time premiere on laSexta is slated for Tuesday, December 15, at 10:30 p.m.

Four contestants who have only just met each other and have very different personalities and characters have to work together as a team in a high-stress environment to win a cash prize to be distributed unequally among them.

“Divided” is a format created by ITV Studios that has become a major international hit, with adapted versions airing in twelve countries.

Next Tuesday, December 15, at 10:30 p.m., laSexta will premiere "Divided," a contest hosted by Luján Argüelles and produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia Televisión.  The show will consist of 8 installments, with two episodes airing back-to-back on Tuesday nights. In each installment, one of the teams will vie to win a cash prize of up to €80,000.

“Divided” is much more than a quiz show contest.  Four contestants who have never met each other before will have to collaborate to respond unanimously. And they’ll have to do this in a race against time because the money at stake for each question will decrease with every second they take to decide. That is why, in "Divided," speed, conciseness, and, above all, compromise are crucial.

The hit contest format from the ITV Studios catalog has generated a lot of buzz lately on the international market because of the way it puts contestants in a situation that is utterly different from anything we might expect. So far, international versions of this ITV contest have been produced in twelve countries, including Holland (original version), the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Thailand.

Introducing “Divided”

Four total strangers compete as a team in five rounds to answer a total of fifteen questions; with each wrong answer, the money in the jackpot is cut in half. Contestants have to agree on their answers to amass as much money as possible. They'll have a hundred seconds to answer each question unanimously. But the longer it takes them to respond, the more money they'll lose, because for every second that goes by, a 1% cut will be applied to the prize at stake.

Each team will have two chances to press the “red button,” which they can use individually. If one of the contestants is absolutely convinced they know an answer, they can press the button and answer independently, imposing their own criteria on the rest of the team. If they answer correctly, they'll win more money. But, if they get it wrong, they'll have to divide up whatever money is in the bank.

At the end of the second round, only three players will continue the adventure. Again, they will have to come to a unanimous decision to determine which contestant will go home without a prize. What's more, the maximum prize in each show is €80,000, and contestants will have to make one last tough decision to divide whatever prize they win: with 60% of the total jackpot going to one contestant, 30% to another 30%, and 10% to the third contestant. If they cannot agree on how to divide the money, they risk leaving the show empty-handed.

Luján Argüelles is at the Helm of the Game Show

Luján Argüelles is back on Atresmedia, the group where she launched her television career, working as a reporter on the show "7 Días, 7 Noches." The Spanish radio personality and television host was born in Salas, Asturias.

She began her media career at the age of 19 while studying History and piano. After working at Radio Vetusta, she decided to move to Madrid and signed on with Onda Cero. Since 2002, she has combined her work in radio with television appearances, after launching her career in this medium on Antena 3. The host has been the face of game show contests for many years, presenting such shows as "Password."

Now, Luján Argüelles is starting a new stage on laSexta at the helm of “Divided,” a major international format that became a hit thanks to the way it puts contestants in a wholly different and unexpected situation.

Fact Sheet:

Executive Producers, Boomerang TV: Encarna Pardo and Eva Sanz Melones

Programming Director Atresmedia: Carmen Ferreiro

Executive Producer Atresmedia:Mar Bombín

Director:Marisol Navarro 

Producer Boomerang TV: Ana Muntaner

Producer Atresmedia: Ana Valverde 

Technical Director: Víctor Mesa

Director of Photography: Iñaki Irastorza

Set Design: Marcelo Pacheco (Marcelo and Partners)

Talpa Consultant: Saskia de Vos

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