It’s Time for the Thrilling Knockout Round of “The Voice”
It’s Time for the Thrilling Knockout Round of “The Voice”


It’s Time for the Thrilling Knockout Round of “The Voice”

On Friday, November 17, we’ll see the decisive final gala that closes the Knockout Round of the competition and determines who will win the last few spots in the Live Shows on “The Voice.” The show thus closes this last phase before starting the Live Shows.

The Knockouts on “The Voice” will determine who wins the last few spots on the Live Shows on “The Voice.” The night promises to be full of excitement and jitters as only two artist of the three voices on each team will manage to continue to the next phase.

One of these spots will be awarded directly by the coach, with help from their assistant coach, while the audience will vote to decide the other candidate. The talents will have to sing the same song they chose to present themselves in the show’s Blind Auditions.

The coaches will also share some touching moments throughout the evening. Phindile, a member of Luis Fonsi’s team, is the actress who does Rafiki’s voice in the musical “The Lion King” and will sing its signature song “He Lives In You,” a very important song for Pablo López’s brother.

In fact, when he finds out, he’ll ask her to sing it while he accompanies her on the guitar. Not only that, but Antonio Orozco will also go look for Pablo López’s brother to make sure he gets to enjoy that moment on stage on “The Voice.”

“The Voice” is an ITV Studios format produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia. The show airs Fridays at 10:00 p.m. on Antena 3 and is also available on Atresplayer. 

“The Voice” is Friday nights’ uncontested leader, ranking as the most watched show of the night every week.

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