“Entre Tierras” and “La Moderna” to Attend the Almería International Film Festival
 “Entre Tierras” and “La Moderna” to Attend the Almería International Film Festival


“Entre Tierras” and “La Moderna” to Attend the Almería International Film Festival

The 22nd edition of the Almería International Film Festival (FICAL) will be held between November 17 and November 26. The event will pay tribute to the series “Entre Tierras” by honoring it with a Filming Almería Special Award, which recognizes productions shot in Almería.

The series was shot on location in the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park and shooting ended last October. The Atresmedia drama produced by Boomerang TV, “Entre Tierras” stars Megan Montaner, Unax Ugalde, Carlos Serrano, Juanjo Puigcorbé, Begoña Maestre, and Clara Garrido and is set in rural Spain in the 1960s.

Boomerang TV decided to set its new series “Entre Tierras” in Almería just as it had done for “Mar de Plástico,” the hit series that also won a Filming Award at FICAL. The area around Almadraba de Monteleva, the Las Salinas church, the beaches of Mónsul, and other areas around Níjar are just some of the settings featured in this television production that is now available on Atresplayer and will soon air on free-to-air TV on Antena 3.

Montse García and Luis Santamaría are the executive producers behind “Entre Tierras,” while Lucía Alonso-Allende is its co-executive producer. The ten episodes were directed by Humberto Miró, Pablo Guerrero, and María Togores.

Moreover, in this edition of the FICAL Awards, our series “La Moderna” is a finalist in the Best Daily Series category. The stars of this RTVE series produced by Boomerang TV, Helena Ezquerro, Almagro San Miguel, and Stephanie Magnin, will be at the festival accompanied by “La Moderna’s” executive producer Humberto Miró to attend the event’s closing ceremony.

“La Moderna” is a daily drama that transports viewers to 1930’s Madrid with stories about the workers and customers at a distinguished tea room in the city center. Based on Luisa Carnés’ novel “Tea Rooms,” the series airs Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m. on La 1.

 “La Moderna” is shot on location in natural settings in areas of Madrid dating back to the early 20th century and on stage sets covering over 2,500 m2 that recreate the tea room, an imposing shopping mall, and the homes of the protagonists in a historic corrala (a working-class apartment building typical of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries). Music plays a prominent role in the series. The theme song is sung by Pastora Soler and was composed by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson.

Helena Ezquerro, Stéphanie Magnin, and Almagro San Miguel are the three protagonists of a series that also features Miryam Gallego, José Luis García-Pérez, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, and Sara Rivero. Llorenç Gonzalez, Berta Castañé, and Barbara Mestanza will also join them to head this ensemble cast.

Luis Santamaría and Humberto Miró are in charge of the production, while Liliana Bocanegra, Isaac Cantero, Pedro Martínez, and David Montoya are in charge of directing. The writing team, coordinated by Carlos Martín Eguía and Joaquín Santamaría, includes Miquel Peidró, Jose Antonio López (Kata), Remedios Crespo, Ignasi Rubio, Juan Manuel Beiro, Angela Armero, Neus Peidró, Sergio Barrejón, Jose Angel Domínguez, and Laura Molpeceres.

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