David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi to Coach the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”
David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi to Coach the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”


David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi to Coach the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”

“The Voice Kids” has started shooting the Blind Auditions for the upcoming edition of the format.

This year's four coaches will return be back on the swivel as the judges after the proving they have a great connection with the show.

Eva González is at the helm of the format and will be accompanied once again by Juanra Bonet, covering the backstage.

Produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Boomerang TV, “The Voice Kids” is one of the best-known music formats in the world

“The Voice Kids” has started shooting its upcoming edition. The talent show, which airs on Antena 3 and is produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Boomerang TV, will be back soon with a new season in which the best children’s voices will get up on stage to prove their potential from an early age.

During this second season of “The Voice Kids” on Antena 3, the show will once again feature David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi as the coaches. These four artists have proven their connection in the current edition of the talent show and will come back as part of the family on "The Voice Kids."

Antena 3 is currently airing its first edition of “The Voice Kids." This Tuesday, the show entered its second stage, kicking off the Battles, where the young candidates will compete to see who moves on to the final stage of the talent show.

In the Blind Auditions stage of its current edition, “The Voice Kids” has drawn an average 14.9% share and 2,077,000 viewers, thus leading its Monday and Tuesday time slot.

David Bisbal

Winner of three Latin Grammies, three Latin Billboard Awards, three World Music Awards, and two Ondas Awards, among more the 80 national and international awards he’s gotten in all, David Bisbal is recognized on both sides of the Atlantic for his career of more than 18 years, during which he’s obtained 11 Diamond-Certified Albums for sales of his records and sold over five million Tickets to his more than 1,000 concerts worldwide.

David has performed at such legendary venues as the Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena in London; Carnegie Hall and the Barclays Center in New York; the Teatro Real in Madrid, and the Olympia in Paris. He has also collaborated with such prestigious artists as Alejandro Sanz, Miley Cyrus, Rocio Jurado, Rihanna, Alejandro Fernández, Marco Antonio Solis, Sebastian Yatra, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Luis Fonsi, Raphael, Juan Gabriel, Plácido Domingo, and TINI.

David Bisbal has drawn more than 800 million plays with all his songs combined, including his latest hits, “A Partir De Hoy,” with Sebastian Yatra; “Perdón,” with Greeicy, and “Bésame” with Juan Magán, in addition to the recently published “Abriré La Puerta” alongside Alejandro Fernandez.

David's YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, and his videos have drawn over 1.2 billion plays.  Moreover, David Bisbal has more fans and followers on social networks than just about any other Spanish artist –reaching over 20 million people.


Rosario Flores is the youngest daughter of the legendary artists Lola Flores “La Faraona” and Antonio González “El Pescailla.” Rosario first began got her start in show biz at age five, acting in several films and television series. Since then, her career has continued to grow.

Rosario has worked in over ten films, including under famous director Pedro Almodóvar in “Talk to Her.” Despite her unquestionable talent as an actress, the youngest of the Flores family has music coursing through her veins, which is why, in 1984, she decided to make her first incursion into the world of music with the mini-LP “Vuela Una Noche.”

Over the years, Rosario has become a major international artist and has amassed numerous awards and nominations with her extensive discography of 12 records and six compilation albums. Now, Rosario is back as a coach on "The Voice Kids" on Antena 3.

Vanesa Martín

Vanesa Martín is considered one of the most influential singer-songwriters in the Spanish music scene. The recent winner of the Ondas Musical Award for Best Communication, recorded her first record, "Agua" in 2006, and her career has since been unstoppable through to her latest work "Todas Las Mujeres Que Habitan En Mí" (2018). Vanesa's most recent tour reached over 200,000 people, a far cry from the small live music venues she started playing in Madrid.  In addition to her career as a performer, Vanesa Martín has also composed songs for such relevant singers as Raphael ("Cada Septiembre"), Pastora Soler (Perdóname"), and India Martínez ("90 Minutos").  Her latest album, "Todas Las Mujeres Que Habitan En Mí," hit number 1 on the Sales Charts in Spain soon after its release and has already become a Platinum Record.

Vanesa, who has just published her newly released single “Caída Libre,” is currently on tour and has already traveled to over 40 cities around Spain as well as playing in sold-out venues in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.  Vanesa Martín also cultivated the art of writing. Her first book of poetry, "Mujer Océano," became a number one bestseller for several months in Spain and was also published in Argentina and Chile. Now, Vanesa is starting a new stage on television as a coach on "The Voice Kids" on Antena 3.


Melendi is one of the most outstanding figures in the music scene in recent years, and one of the public’s most dearly loved and admired artists. He has sold millions of albums, has drawn hundreds of millions of plays on various platforms, obtained numerous awards and recognitions, and regularly appears at the top of the rankings with each new launch.

The Asturian native has managed to win over audiences of various generations, and his list of hits is part of the recent history of Spanish music and is always enthusiastically applauded in his invariably packed concerts.

Recently recognized as the most listened to Spanish artists in the history of Spotify in our country, Melendi is no doubt at the height of his career. In the heat of his "Mi Cubo de Rubik" Tour, which has sold out in countries such as the U.S., Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala… on November 29, the singer-songwriter will publish his tenth studio album “10:20:40.” The singer has also crossed over the Atlantic to serve as a coach on “The Voice Kids Mexico.”

Eva González: Master of Ceremonies

Once again this season, Eva González will once be at the helm of the various version of "The  Voice."On this occasion, she will be back to host to the children's version. This season, the host has proven to be one of the most famous faces of entertainment in this country.

Once again, Eva González will be in charge of accompanying the contestants’ families on the show during the first stage of the program. The families are more nervous than anyone when they see their children get up on stage, and the host will be in charge of accompanying them during these very delicate moments.

This season, Eva González will return to Atresmedia, the Group gave her her first opportunity with “UHF,” on Antena 3. Now, fourteen years later, she's back on the network, this time as one of the most beloved TV hosts in our country, after introducing major prime time formats on every national channel and enjoying massive success for nine years on Canal Sur with another music talent show. Over the years, Eva has worked as an actress and host on formats such as "Fenómenos," "El Club De Flo," and "La Tira," in addition to participating in fifteen editions of "Masterchef."  Now, with “The Voice,” she has managed to consolidate her career as a host.

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