Cami, David DeMaría, Pitingo, and Álex Ubago, Assistant Coaches in the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”
Cami, David DeMaría, Pitingo, and Álex Ubago, Assistant Coaches in the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”


Cami, David DeMaría, Pitingo, and Álex Ubago, Assistant Coaches in the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”

"The Voice" became the talent show of the season last year, after closing with an average of 2.7 million viewers.

“The Voice Senior” shoots its second edition following its initial arrival in Spain last year.

The talent show closed its first edition with an average of 2 million viewers.

Cami will be Antonio Orozco’s assistant coach.

Bustamante chose Pitingo as his assistant coach.

David DeMaría will be helping Pastora Soler make her decisions.

Álex Ubago will be Rosana’s right-hand man in the show.

Following its success as the hot new format Spain and on Antena 3, “The Voice Senior” will soon be back in our country with a second edition. The talent show, which is produced by Boomerang TV for Atresmedia TV, continues its quest to find the best and most experienced voices in the country. And during this new season, a new batch of contestants will get up on stage to try their luck before the coaches and prove they've got potential.

In this second season of “The Voice Senior” on Antena 3, the show will feature Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco as the coaches. These four nationally and internationally renowned artists will join the show's team on Antena 3 to try to find the best voices. Also, the show's creative team will also include their respective assistant coaches: Pitingo, David DeMaría, Álex Ubago, and Cami.

The Assistant Coaches on "The Voice Senior"

Cami, Assistant Coach to Antonio Orozco

Singer-songwriter Camila Gallardo, better known as CAMI, has become Chile’s most successful artist in recent times. Her amazing voice, originality, and talent have won her a legion of followers on social networks.

Luis Fonsi took her under his wing following her stint on “The Voice, Chile,” and the two composed her first single, “Más de la mitad.” From that moment on, Cami became an unstoppable phenomenon.

With her first album, "Rosa," Cami amassed 28 Platinum Records, and over 68 million plays in Chile alone. She was nominated for two Latin Grammies in 2019 for "Best New Artist" and "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album," and draws over 2 million listeners a month on Spotify.

In November 2019, Cami published her EP album “Monstruo/Parte 1,” which, like her previous singles, has made an incredible splash on the radio, amassing millions of plays on YouTube and millions of downloads on digital platforms. The second part of this new musical project is scheduled to be released in early 2020.

As part of her drive to take her career international, in 2019, CAMI traveled to Mexico, Argentina, the U.S., and Spain, where tickets to her first shows in various venues sold out. She has also participated as a special guest in concerts by Kurt, Lasso, Sebastián Yatra, Pablo López, Tini, and Morat, among others.

David DeMaría, Assistant Coach to Pastora Soler

David Jiménez Pinteño, who goes by the stage name David DeMaría, began his music career at the tender age of 14. At age 19, he went solo and released his first album, "David DeMaría." Since then, David has published ten studio albums and collaborated with artists such as Vanesa Martín, India Martínez, Pastora Soler, Manuel Carrasco, and Ana Torroja. He's also composed songs for Malú and David Bisbal, for musicals and TV series, among other projects.

David is considered one of the most iconic singer-songwriters on the Spanish music scene, with over a million copies sold. He is now winding down his "20 años" tour, which has led him to perform on over 80 stages all over Spain and is currently recording his upcoming album, which is a new step in his career. 

David’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including five Dial Awards, Cadena 100 Award, the 2018 Canal Fiesta Radio Award, the ASCAP Award for Best Song in Latin America for “Precisamente ahora,” the 2004 Ondas Award for Best Song, the 2006 Ondas Award for Best Album for “Caminos de ida y vuelta” and the Gaviota Medal at the Viña del Mar Festival (Chile).

Pintingo, Assistant Coach to Bustamante

Antonio Manuel Álvarez Vélez, better known as PITINGO, which means “cocky” in caló (the language spoken by Spanish Gypsies), is pure flamenco all around. He’s also the only artist in the world capable of combining soul, gospel, and flamenco, creating a perfect union among African Americans, Latinos, and Gypsies, which he calls SOULERÍA, which means “SOUL with a BULERÍA beat.”

The artist has shared the stage with such great performers as Sam Moore and Roger Waters, Eric Clapton and Juan Gabriel, Sara Baras and Luis Eduardo Aute, Alejandro Sanz and Paco de Lucia, Alicia Keys and Luis Fonsi, Phil Collins and Marc Anthony, Gloria Gaynor and Julio Iglesias, among others. What's more, even Barack Obama himself asked to meet Pitingo on his visit to Spain last year, when he and his entire family enjoyed the singer's new show.

Now, Pitingo is returning the stages all over the world to present his new recording project, “Mestizo y fronterizo,” an American-style super production that will no doubt leave no one indifferent.

Álex Ubago, Assistant Coach to Rosana

Over the past 20 years, Álex has never stopped composing, creating, and collaborating with national and international artists such as Laura Pausini, Craig David, Amaia Montero, Sharon Corr, Paty Cantú, Raphael, Alejandro Sanz, and Maite Perroni. He also collaborated on a special music project together with Lena Burke and Jorge Villamizar (Alex, Jorge, and Lena) that won a Latin Grammy for Best Pop Album in 2011. Among the fruits of this collaboration was "Estar contigo," one of his fans' favorite songs. The tune has over 60 million plays on YouTube, making it, together with "Sin miedo a nada," "A gritos de esperanza," "Ella vive en mí," and "Míranos" one of this San Sebastián native's most popular ballads.

In 2019, the artist toured a few select Spanish cities with “A solas,” an acoustic set featuring guitar and vocals and/or piano and vocals. And, now, he is once again embarking on an extensive tour of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the United States, and Japan.

Moreover, last summer, Álex Ubago once again surprised fans with the new sounds in “Maldito miedo,” a song he presented together with the teenage rap star Soge Culebra. The song has more of an urban music feel, without neglecting Álex’s usual romantic side.

More recently, Álex presented “Ahora que no me ves,” a new song that is part of the new album he is slated to release in 2020.

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