Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco to Coach the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”
Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco to Coach the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”


Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco to Coach the Upcoming Edition of “The Voice Senior”

Preparations are underway to begin recording the Blind Auditions for the next edition of “The Voice Senior.”

Bustamante, Pastora Soler, and Rosana will become part of the “The Voice” family after helping out as assistant coaches and join Antonio Orozco, who was already part of the team this year.

Eva González will be at the helm of this format, consolidating her career as a host of entertainment formats.

Produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Boomerang TV, "The Voice" is one of the most prominent music formats in the world.

“The Voice” became the talent show of the season last year, after closing with an average 2.76 million viewers.

Following its success as the hot new format Spain and on Antena 3, “The Voice Senior” will soon be back in our country with a second edition. The talent show, which is produced by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Boomerang TV, continues its quest to find the most experienced voices in the country. During this new season, a new batch of contestants will get up on stage to try their luck before the coaches and prove they've got potential.

In this second season of “The Voice Senior” on Antena 3, the show will feature Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana, and Antonio Orozco as the coaches. These four nationally and internationally renowned artists will join the show's team on Antena 3 to try to find the best voices.

Antena 3 is currently airing its first edition of “The Voice Senior."  Every Tuesday, the show is airing its second stage of the show, the Battles, where the young candidates compete to see who will get to move on to the final stage of the talent show.


Bustamante is of the most charismatic high-profile artists in the Spanish music scene. His career is backed by 19 Platinum Records, several Gold Records, and over 900 concerts, making him one of the most influential artists in the country.  He has also collaborated with such authors as Juan Gabriel, Alejandro Fernández, Pablo López, and Luis Fonsi, among others.

Fast on the heels of the success of his latest album, "Héroes En Tiempos De Guerra," his "Héroes Tour" has already taken him to cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Santander, Zaragoza… and will visit another 30 cities before the end of the year. Bustamante is no doubt at a high point in his career.

Pastora Soler

The best voice in the country, Pastora Soler, represented Spain at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with her hit “Quédate Conmigo.” In her more than 25 years in the profession, Pastora has released 12 studio albums and amassed numerous very prestigious awards, including the Medal of Andalusia, which she received this year; the Golden Microphone, bestowed upon her by the Federation of Radion and Television Associations in 2007; two Music Awards; four Dial Awards; the 2008 Senat Women’s Award, and a nomination for the Latin Grammies, among others.

Throughout her professional career, Pastora has collaborated with major artists including Raphael, David Bisbal, Alejandro Sanz, Armando Manzanero, Miguel Poveda, and Manuel Carrasco, and performed in such important and iconic venues as the Wizink Center and the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Liceo and Palau de la Música in Barcelona, the Rocío Jurado in Sevilla, the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid, the Roman Theater in Mérida, and the Palace of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Following her record "La Calma" (2017) and its spectacular presentation tour  all over Spain, with over 60 concerts, Pastora Soler is no presenting "Sentir," her twelfth studio album with 11 strong and deeply felt songs by various authors that Pastora has helped make her own with her usual magic and impressive voice.


With nine albums to her credit--including eight studio albums and one live record--, Rosana has become one of the best known Spanish artists and composers both nationally and internationally. Since launching her first record in 1996 ("Lunas Rotas") until today, with her latest work "En La Memoria De La Piel," Rosana has had a long and successful career. Having sold over 15 million records sold all over the world, with her work published in more than 30 countries, and having won innumerable awards, including, among many others, the Ondas for Best New Artist and Best Album, the Amigo Award for Best Spanish Female Solo Artist, the European Platinum Record, the IFPI: Platinum Europe Award for sales of over a million copies, being one of the few and first Spanish female artists to achieve this.

Her most recent tour, "En La Memoria De La Piel," started in Spain and traveled throughout 2017, 2018, and until May 2019 to different cities in Spain, Latin America, and the United States, with over 150 concerts completed to date and more than 1,000,000 people attending. The tour finished in May 2019, after three years, making it the most extended tour ever by any female artist in our country, with more concerts and more cities visited.

The singer delighted fans in the United States, hanging the sold-out sign at most of her concerts.

Antonio Orozco

Antonio Orozco is one of the most brilliant and most talented artists in our country’s music scene.  He is currently enjoying a high point in his career.  His hard work and artistic sensitivity have made him one of the most promising and most internationally prominent artists of the next few decades.

With over 1,500,000 records sold, nine Platinum Records, and numerous Gold Records, Antonio Orozco is one of the most beloved and most prominent award-winning artists in the Spanish music scene. Winner of the 2003 Ondas Award for Best Live Artist, Antonio was nominated for a Latin Grammy along with some of the best songwriters in the world for his song “Estoy Hecho Pedacitos Por Ti.”

From the start, Antonio’s career has been marked by unstoppable success and recognition, and he has performed in over 2,500 concerts in Spain and Latin America. He has been number one in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador, and in the Top 10 in Argentina, the U.S., and Mexico, among others.

In his musical career to date, he has released nine albums: “Un Reloj Y Una Vela” (2000), “Semilla Del Silencio” (2001), “El Principio Del Comienzo” (2004), “Edición Tour 05” (2005), “Cadizfornia” (2006), “Renovatio” (2009), “Diez” (2011), and “Dos Orillas” (2013) – “Dos Orillas Deluxe” (remix with a DVD recorded live at the Cap Roig Festival) (2014), and his latest  album “Destino” (2015).  Furthermore, his most recent show, "Único" (second season), amassed over 135,000 spectators and won a "Golden Ticket" for selling out every one of his 111 concerts over nine months.

Eva González: Master of Ceremonies

Once again this season, Eva González will once be at the helm of the various version of "The  Voice." On this occasion, she will be back to host to the children's version. This season, the host has proven to be one of the most famous faces of entertainment in this country.

Once again, Eva González will be in charge of accompanying the contestants’ families on the show during the first stage of the program. The families are more nervous than anyone when they see their children get up on stage, and the host will be in charge of accompanying them during these very delicate moments.

This season, Eva González will return to Atresmedia, the Group gave her her first opportunity with “UHF,” on Antena 3. Now, fourteen years later, she's back on the network, this time as one of the most beloved TV hosts in our country, after introducing major prime time formats on every national channel and enjoying massive success for nine years on Canal Sur with another music talent show. Over the years, Eva has worked as an actress and host on formats such as “Fenómenos,” “El Club De Flo,” and “La Tira,” in addition to participating in fifteen editions of “Masterchef.”  Now, with “The Voice,” she has managed to consolidate her career as a host.

The Talent Show of the Season

“The Voice” became the most successful talent show of the season.  After managing to become the most-watched premiere of the last three years with nearly 4 million viewers, the audience has made “The Voice” the most-watched show in its time slot.  With the 23 gala events aired thus far, the talent show has drawn an 18.7% share of the audience and an average 2,719,000 viewers, making it the most-watched edition of “The Voice” in the last three years.

As far as demographic targets, the show led among all viewers under age 64. It also did outstandingly well among young viewers, the preferred demographic for advertisers, with an average 23% share, +3.5 points compared to its main competitor.

It also registered a whopping 22.1% share among viewers between 25 and 34, +1.9 points more than its closest competitor. Its leadership extended to all other targets, with a 20.3% share among viewers 35 to 44 and a 20.7% share among viewers 45 to 54.

“The Voice” has consolidated its leadership, especially among its target audience.  The show managed to draw an average 21.3% share, outperforming the closest competitor in its time slot by +4 points.

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